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Artist of the moment…….Wellington Nyanhongo

Wellington Nyanhongo is another artist from the Nyanhongo family. His sister is famed artist Agnes Nyanhongo. Other siblings including Gideon and Moses are also Shona artists. Wellington Nyanhongo was born in the year 1970 to first generation Shona artist Claud Nyanhongo.

Wellington Nyanhongo earned a college degree in sales but chose art as his career path.

From Gallery Sur we view a brief interview with Wellington Nyanhongo:

Began to carve as a youngster by serving as an apprentice to his father, sanding and working on various finishing textures for the work of his father, Claud.

The favorite stone for Wellington Nyonhongo is springstone.

The artist enjoys portraying the bond between humans and nature.

From an artistic standpoint,I am impressed with the size and expressiveness of the hands.

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