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Artist of the moment………Basketmaker Dat-So-La-Lee


Dat-So-La-Lee who was also known as Louise Keyser, was renown as the Queen of the Washoe basket weavers. Dat-So-La-Lee was born around the year 1829. She represents the Washoe people that lived in the northwest area of Nevada.

The artist was working as a maid and her employers saw her great skill. Her employers saw her baskets and made distinct recordings and produced a provenance for each of her works. Dat-So-La-Lee was able make a great living by selling her baskets at her employers trading store. With such documented provenance, a Dat-So-La-Lee basket is highly sought after by collectors.

The artist worked mainly with willow in producing her baskets.

Dat-So-La-Lee passed away in 1925.

In this clip some more works by Dat-So-La-Lee and a brief bio:

price range information: Sorry none available.

What a wonderful artist! She created wonderful abstract designs on her baskets.




Artist of the moment…..Teri Rofkar

Teri Rofkar is a wonderful contemporary artist from Sitka, Alaska  renown for her work with fabrics. Teri Rofkar was born in the year 1956. The artist produces hand woven garments and baskets of traditional and historical significance. To  weave one of these ornamental masterpiece garments it sometimes takes up to 2,000 hours of time (and more importantly patience!)

price range information: Sorry none available.

Teri Rofkar is one of few people to receive an endowment from the National Arts Foundation in order to improve her basket weaving in the Tinglet traditional style. The recipients of this award are known as living national treasures! What a great idea! I think many of the Northwest Coast artists deserve more exposure. Rofkar received this extraordinary grant in 2009.

Calls herself a “basket case” because she is weaving or gathering materials all of the time!

In this clip she talks about learning to weave from grandmother and her parents. She talks about her working environment in her art:

In this clip we view some works from Rofkar and Shelly Laws. Both are nationally collected artists that work in the traditional Tlingit ways of weaving and basketry.


Artist of the moment…..Francisco Toledo

Francisco Toledo is an artist born in Oaxaco, Mexico in the year 1940. He studied art whilst growing up and as a teenager moved to Paris, France to continue his studies. His talent in art was seen from an early age. During this time in France, Toledo was also exposed to other artists who inspired him to create such as Jean DuBuffett. With five years under his belt Toledo returned to Mexico and developed his own style mixing what he learned overseas with his childhood and regional culture of the south of Mexico.

His willingness and desire to preserve his culture let the artist try many new mediums including kites and ceramics.

price range information: Works range from $1,000 to $600,000.

Below a great biography about Francisco Toledo.

The movement most associated with Francisco Toledo was called la Raptura. This movement was to shift artists away from painting the standard “Mexican” painting with bright colors and hues to something more modern in its approach.

Toledo was also renown for painting imaginary or what are termed “fantasy animals.

In this clip a great montage of works by Francisco Toledo.