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Artist of the moment…….Agnes Weinrich




Agnes Weinrich was painter renown for her modernist and abstract style. Agnes Weinrich was born in Des Moines County, Iowa in the year 1873. Her parents were immigrants from Germany and were very successful as farmers in America.

Her father was able to retire from farming and move to the city. Her father also started to visit Germany and acquaint himself with his old relatives. Weinrich’s father passed away, and each of his children inherited enough money to live out the rest of their lives without taking a job. Her father must have been quite a farmer!

Weinrich graduated from Burlington Collegiate Institute. The artist also attended the Art Student’s League of Chicago in addition to studying with painter Charles Hawthorne.

The artist began her career as an Impressionistic painter. Later in her career as she became an active printmaker, Weinrich would focus on color and flat images that can remind one of Alex Katz.

Agnes Weinrich passed away at the age of 73 years of age in 1946.

Price range information: The artist worked in oils, pastels, crayons, and as a woodblock printmaker. Works range from $3,000 to $30,000.

The later works of Weinrich are wonderful examples of a mixture of painting schools including Cubism and Abstraction.




Artist of the moment…..Eric Sloane

Eric Sloane was an American artist born to a wealthy family in New York City in the year 1905. A close family friend was the inventor of a font named after him, he was a typographer. The neighbor was Frederic Goudy, inventor of the Goudy font. Sloane was a realist painter who enjoyed painting landscapes and skyscapes.

He sold his first skyscape painting to famed American explorer Amelia Earhardt. Sloane was thought to be the finest painter of clouds and sky of his generation.

Sloane didn’t get along well with his family and ran away at the age of fourteen. Thanks to hanging out with his neighbor Goudy, the artist was well schooled at working with letters and supported himself by painting signs on buildings, whatever he could find. Sloan was able to see the United States as he went cross country eventually making his way to Taos Pueblo, New Mexico.

The artist was very prolific. During his peak he strove to finish one completed painting per day. As he got older sometimes he bought back his earlier paintings just to destroy as he felt his newer work was far superior! He worked mainly with oils on board.

Was inspired by the Hudson River School of painting.

Eric Sloane was married five times over his lifetime.

The artist passed away in 1985.

Sloane was also a prolific writer over his lifetime creating 38 books. A favorite subject were early American tools. Not only did he write a book on them, but his paintings and personal collection of tools of the time are considered top notch.

What an interesting story and artist and to close an amazing story about a public commission completed by Eric Sloane. Keep in mind he was 71 years old at the time! Sloane was asked to compete his largest mural at 7 stories high and the length of half of a city block. It was for the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. It took him less than 2 months to finish!

Price range information: The artist worked with oils and oil tempura and prices range $5,000 to $50,000.


Artist of the moment….Andy Warhol Superstar Edie Sedgwick…..

Time to learn about someone involved with my favorite artist of all time who is Andy Warhol, and what appeared to be his ticket to Hollywood, socialite beauty Edith Sedgwick. Edith Sedgwick was born to a wealthy American family in the year 1943.  Before there was Paris Hilton, we had Edie Sedgwick to impress us with her money and beauty. The family had wealth but she and her siblings had very difficult lives trying to live up to the ideals of their father. She died in 1971 at the age of 28 years old, from an overdose. She had gone to Woodstock and come back a heroin addict. Two brothers killed themselves within 18 months of  each other.

The master’s (Warhol!) screen test with Edie Sedgwick.

Sedgwick was infatuated with Bob Dylan and Warhol and Dylan were often at odds with each other. It was Warhol who told Sedgwick that Dylan had married another romantic interest. In some accounts Sedgwick even carried Dylan’s baby, but no concrete evidence exists to support it this theory 100 percent. This news also helped to promote Sedgwick on her downward spiral.

Here is a great movie starring some well known actors called Factory Girl. It provides some more insight into the life of Edie Sedgwick, who is played by Sienna Miller. Other celebrities appearing are Jimmy Fallon and Mena Suvari.


A brief movie preview for the Factory Girl.

The Pop Art couple Warhol and Sedgwick appear on the Merv Griffin show back in the day.

For me the most impressive thing about Warhol is his ability to work in different mediums. Not oils or acrylics, but film, magazines, and music with the Velvet Underground. He tried seemingly everything he wanted whether he was successful or not he was always searching for new creative outlets.

Edith was named for her father’s aunt, Edith Minturn, an heir to a shipping fortune. She appears in this work by Sargent with her husband Isaac Newton Stokes.


Sedgwick’s family was one of the first to arrive back in the 1600s. One relation was the first Major General of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Another relative was the first lawyer to win a case for the freedom of a black woman.

The Sedgwick clan were taught they were better than others due to their wealth and social status. Most of their education was done at home, with private tutors and nannies. At age 13 Edie started boarding school but never lasted long at these locales due to her anorexia. Her father was a wealthy rancher who had been in mental hospitals three times prior to marrying in 1929. Her father was a manic depressive.

First cousin once removed of actress Kyra Sedgwick from the television series on TNT the Closer.

Nice to be rich! She and her sister were driven to a female doctor daily for vitamin B shots. The family had money from ranches, but in addition found oils on their property. They moved to a six thousand acre ranch and even had a school built on it. This led to feelings of isolation from their peers, which it seems is what the father was after anyway. The children dressed mainly in hand me downs and received few presents on holidays or birthday.

Sedgwick briefly attended Harvard College.

After marrying in 1971, Edie Sedgwick died at the age of 28 years old of a barbiturate overdose.

Warhol was amazing for telling us that in the future everyone will be popular for fifteen seconds. I only wish his Andy Warhol Superstars could live in a mansion with reality cameras! I don’t think even Andy thought you might be famous by having 20 kids like the Duggar family or for becoming pregnant at sixteen years of age.

Thanks for the memories Edie Sedgwick! Look out Paris Hilton!


Artist of the moment…..Olympian Walter Winans….

The artist was born in 1852. An artist who was excellent in many different aspects of life. He was a horse breeder, sculptor of horses, painter, and auther of ten books. He had a passion for expressing his love of guns and firearms. In fact the artist considered the shooting of a firearm to be a form of art as well.

He was born in Russia, but to wealthy Americans. His father worked in the construction industry and was working with Nikolaevsky Railway in St. Petersburg, Russia. The artist lived in Russia until the age of eighteen. He took an oath as an American citizen and headed off to Kent, England.

As a horse breeder the artist was very successful. He sent some horses to the National Horse Show taking place in 1910 in New York City.

The artist worked in a variety of mediums from watercolor and graphite but mainly he was a sculptor working in bronze. He won a gold medal for his country in an International Art competition in 1912 at Stockholm, Sweden.

Winans competed in both the 1908 and 1912 summer Olympics. The artist won a gold in 1908 and a silver in 1912 in shooting events. He won for both the double shot running deer  in 1908 and the Team 100 m running deer event in 1912.

Although an American by birth the artist didn’t visit the United States for the first time until 1910, at the age of fifty eight years old.

His family was able to become wealthy from a variety of patented inventions and building of railroads. His grandfather ran a company building railroad cars for thirty years. The company was based out of Mount Claire, New Jersey and grew dramatically due to increase in usage and transportation of coal.

In 1840 the Czar of Russian gave control to the railway expansion to Winan’s family company and this is how the artist ended up being born and growing up in Russia.

George Washington Whistler, who was the father to the artist James Whistler, was an engineer working in the railroad industry. The Winans and the Whistlers got to know each other via the railway industry.  A sister to Thomas Winans (the artist’s father), married a brother of the artist James McNeil Whistler.

An interesting fact while I was browsing the New York Times shortly after the artist’s death in 1920. He died while taking place in a trotting race in London. He was widely followed and known about town as a resident American living in London.  The artist died just as his horse crossed the finish line.

In 1866 the railway expansion project was bought out by the Russian government and the Winan family became very rich. The family returned to the United States and lived in Baltimore. Thomas Winans passed away in 1878, Walter Winans inherited between twenty and forty million dollars.

The artist was indeed a hunting enthusiast owning estates and hunting lands in Belgium and in Scotland where he controlled nearly 250,000 acres of land to hunt and fish.


This artist though born lucky and rich but worked long and hard to become successful and nearly every endeavor he tried.  The fact that he was best in the WORLD for a shooting event in 1908 and second best in 1912 should leave little doubt and the wonderful work ethic of this artist.

Other wealthy artists to research would be Edgar Degas and the descendant to the Romanoff family who makes great art out of shrinky dinks. I have written about Andrew Romanoff and his very interesting life previously.

Nice to read about an Olympian that also takes art seriously.

low price range: $5,000

high price rage: $70,000