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Artist of the moment….Neal Tait

Neal Tait is a British artist who paints the figure and landscapes in a very modern style. Neal Tait was born in Edinburugh in the year 1965.
For his artistic education Neal Tait attended the Chelsea School of Art and finished his studies at the Royal College of Art located in London, England.

For his source material uses photographs and images from mass media.

Tait is based out of London, England.

In this clip a brief interview with Neal Tait:

In this clip the artist paints in watercolor:

Price range information: Sorry none available.


Artist of the moment…..Beverly “Bev” Doolittle

Bev Doolittle is a magnificent artist that I would call a mix of M.C. Escher and Bob Kuhn. Bev Doolittle was born in California in the year 1947. For her artistic education Doolittle attended the Art Center College of Design located in Los Angeles, California. She and her husband who was also a painter when the couple first started out, would travel the American Southwest both painting landscapes. Doolittle works mainly with watercolour. With the success of her career her husband gave up his quest of painting to concentrate on building his wife’s career. He was an integral part in marketing her talent.

Doolittle helps many charities and organizations through her art by illustrating books.

price range information; A few years ago I saw a piece sell for the high $200,000s. So many prints are available at various price ranges.

Doolittle has had a great successful career as an artist. She started off a wildlife and landscape painter traveling with her husband across the United States. Later she would come to add hidden faces and other images in her work with the traditional western genre painted landscape. Now well into her career and with a highly developed eye for where to hide certain items, some works contain as many as 17 different hidden portraits. If you were at all puzzled by where the hell Waldo was, this artist uses the same idea but in a more adult and very artistic way. I absolutely love her style.

In this clip a montage of works by Bev Doolittle.

A leading printmaker is the Greenwich Workshop. They handle many top artists including Howard Terpning, John Weiss, and of course Bev Doolittle. In this clip the artist breaks down a current print she is working on.

More images set to music:

When you do your next art project, try hiding something in your image in honor of Bev Doolittle!

Artist of the moment…….Raymond Harris Ching….

Raymond Harris Ching was born in Wellington, New Zealand in the year 1939 and is world renown for his paintings of birds. Ching left school at age twelve and was an apprentice in an advertising agency. He eventually became art director but was unhappy with this job as he wasn’t as free to paint what he wanted.

Ching had his first public exhibition of his bird paintings in 1966.

In the late sixties many international publishing houses wanted to create a book that specialized in birds. However they could never find an artist who was had both a high level of technical ability with a modern sense of design. When Ching’s work was discovered the publishing houses all jumped at the opportunity to have Ching be their chief artist. Ching went with Readers Digest and published this book on birds in 1969. It is the most successful book of its genre and other artists simply copy the paintings of Ching and sell the works as their own.

Price range information:  Works in watercolours range $5,000 to $60,000. Works in pencil range $1,000 to $3,000. Works in oils range $3,000 to $37,000.

Chang designed a postage stamp for Britain in 1989.

He is married to an author, Carol Sinclair.

He paints with oils and watercolours on gesso prepared board.

Some other great painters of birds include John James Audobon, Kevin Sloan, and Isabelle du Toit. Audobon is best known for his prints. If you ever get the chance to view an exhibition take the opportunity at once! ¬†Audobon took as much time and detail in painting the bugs and the background as he did the birds. Sloan is a huge fan of Audobon and contemporary artist that paints birds in both oils and acrylics. Isabelle du Toit is renown for paintings of birds and also children. Below is an example of Isabelle Du Toit’s style.


As an artist I most admire his mix of detail and abstraction. Whereas some people thought of Andy Wyeth as highly wound tight painter, Wyeth thought of himself more a loose painter that enjoyed looking at abstract patters in things. This idea is very apparent in the works Ching also, with his abstract patterns found in feathers.