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Artist of the moment…..Cody Hooper




Cody Hooper is a fantastic American abstract artist. Cody Hooper was born in Perrytown, Texas in the year 1978.

Hooper studied with watercolorist Barbara Hughes for many years. With Hughes he learned the basics of watercolor, design, and how to get different textures on his painting surfaces.

Below we view a work by Cody Hooper up close. Its important to see his works up close as he creates varying amounts of surface texture:

During the past few years Hooper has become an abstract painter. The artist is always looking to other forms of art for inspiration.

Hooper is based out of Sante Fe, New Mexico.

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Artist of the moment……Marilyn Simandle


Another great artist working in the medium of watercolor in addition to oils is American artist Marilyn Simandle. Marilyn Simandle was born in 1946 and began to painting at age six. She went on to take classes as a teen and attended San Jose State earning a B.F.A.

Simandle is renown for her landscape paintings of the coastal areas of California.

The artist has been a teacher at the Scottdale Artist School for nearly two decades.

In this clip we view many works of Marilyn Simandle:

What I enjoy most about her landscapes, she knows an appropriate amount of green to use in a landscape. I love to visit galleries and see many landscape paintings that depict the wild with wonderful greens, but there are too many of them on the canvas to put on a house wall. Her work has lush greens, but still many warm sienna, ochre, and umber colors.

A good example of what I mean can be seen in the works of Andy Wyeth. He took harsh criticism to heart when a critic said his work compared his use of browns to baby poop. His work did a wonderful job at capturing the atmosphere, but I just don’t think a large painting of browns and greens is going to be a nice addition to any room regardless of how accurate it is. Simandle provides great contrasts to the greens she uses in her work.

Simandle has also published two books, one of them with North Light Books, a big name in the art education business.

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