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Artist of the moment……..Sir John Tenniel



After seeing the works of the previous post, Ericailcane, I thought we should take a closer look at an artist whose work is very similar, John Tenniel.

John Tenniel was born in London, England in the year 1820. Tenniel is famous for being the original illustrator of the children’s book Alice in Wonderland. He also was the chief political cartoonist for England’s Punch magazine for more than five decades.

Tenniel originally attended the Royal Academy of Art but left early as he was upset by the quantity of teaching he was receiving at the institution.

An interesting fact is that the artist lost sight in his right eye as the result of a fencing accident. The artist was practicing fencing with his father when the protective tip of his dad’s foil (sword) became loose. Tenniel hid the fact from his father how bad the accident damaged his eye.

In this clip we view some prints by John Tenniel appearing for the first time in Russia:

Tenniel was knighted becoming a sir in 1893. He was the first artist or illustrator to be knighted.

Tenniel was also a highly talented watercolorist.

John Tenniel passed away in 1914 at the age of 94.

Price range information: Many prints can be found for a few thousand dollars. Not enough price information available for pricing on oil paintings.

Its very interesting to see the works of Tenniel and Ericailcane side by side. We can see where Ericailcane has added so much to the creatures and animals by using color and working in such a vast size.