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Artist of the moment………….Walton Irrigoo


Walton Irrigoo was born in Gambell, Alaska, United States in the year 1962. Walton Irrigoo represents the Yupik people of Alaska.

The artist was born in his grandfather’s house. He credits his father for his artistic talents and learned from him as well as other relatives.

Irrigoo enjoys working with owls and figure.

Price range information: Works range from $1,000 to $5,000.

I enjoy the patterns depicted by the artist. He carves wonderful feathers that give a great sense of life to his birds. In the Yupik culture, tattoos are a big part of the culture. Irrigoo adds ink to many of his works, thus giving his owls each a more individual look.

Moving feathers also give a sense of life to his sculptures showing shaman transformations which show both a human and bird combined into a very unique masterpiece of art.