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Artist of the moment………..Hans Josephsohn



Hans Josephson was a Swiss painter and sculptor renown for his work with the human face and figure. Hans Josephsohn was born in Kaliningrad, East Prussia in the year 1920.

After completing his high school education Josephsohn moved to Italy to study art on a scholarship. He left Italy due to its anti Jewish stance and relocated to Switzerland.

In Switzerland Josephson studied under renown sculptor Otto Müller.

The artist also produced wall reliefs in addition to his sculptures of the face and figure. These reliefs are very abstract in their appearance.

The artist was based out of Zurich, Switzerland for much of his career.

Hans Josephsohn passed away in 2012.

In this clip we view many works of Hans Josephsohn at the Yorkshire Sculpture Garden:

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When I view the figures of Josephson I am reminded of British sculptor Henry Moore. Though Moore’s work was more abstract, the figures that both artists produced have a wonderful presence of space, as if they have been standing or sitting in their locations for eternity.

Josephson’s sculptures of the face also remind of the Inuit artists. Like the Inuit people, Josephsohn tried to focus on the overall  emotion shown through the human figure rather than a specific part of the body such as an eye or smile.

His abstract reliefs are my favorite for their mix of innovative shapes and designs with traditional materials.







Artist of the moment……..Street Artist Vhils

Street artist Vihls was born Alexandre Farto  in Lison, Portugal in the year 1987. Vhils creates very large works on damaged and weathered buildings using a chisel. Vhils works with the face and figure.

Vhils attended the School of Arts located in London during 2007 and 2008.

The artist jumped onto the international scene after a work of Vhils appeared in print next to legendary street artist Vhils. Banksy’s agent gave the artist space to sell his work alongside Banksy and Vhils career was off and running.

In this clip we view Vhils in action on a piece. What is great is that he also weather’s the building if he wants an older look.

I guess the artist is a sculptor? I had never seen anything like this art before. More reason to put Street Art shows in the major museums. Its a wonderful worldwide movement of very creative artisans!

Price range information: Sorry none available.

A brief documentary featuring works of the artist:

An artist who works in a similar graphic style is my favorite street artist, Swoon. But she doesn’t dig into the walls like Vhils!