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Artist of the moment….French artist Georges Barbier…

Georges Barbier was a great illustrator and fine artist who was born in Nantes, France in 1882. Barbier took part in his first exhibition at the age of 29 in 1911.

The artist had a great career in a variety of artistic director positions such as head of theater and he even designed dresses and other dance costumes. The artist worked with the internationally known Folies Berger.  Barbier also dabbled in jewelry design. The artist also designed wall paper and glass.

For his college education the artist attended the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, France. Here he was part of a group that was given the title “The Knights  of the

Bracelet. ” The group had a reputation for being flamboyant in both their public appearance and mannerisms.

A great selection of posters and prints of the artist here. I don’ t want to sell you anything, but rather to see how versatile the artist was with his genre. He was certainly at the front of illustrating the upper class lifestyle. His style is considered Art-Deco. I prefer “Gatsby like!”–a452/georges-barbier-posters.htm

A clip of some of Barbier’s erotic type of work. I find it similar to present day artist Michael Bergt. Bergt uses egg tempera to bring Greek fables to life. Many Surrealistic visions of creatures like the Centaur, half horse and half man.

A great selection of the complete ouvre of the artist. You can see the artist’s style for flair and sort of “Gatsby” like presentation of large groups celebrating and dancing about.

When the artist passed away in 1932, he was atop the profession. He was already so successful seeing his designs appear on wall paper, glass, and childrens books. He illustrated many books over his career. Barbier also penned essays and illusrations for a hit magazine called “Vogue”  on fashion published in France from 1912 to 1925. When French fashion was at the peak of European style, this magazine was a must read and he its best known artist.

I enjoy the artist for his fashion illustrations the most, though he was great at anything with the female figure. His indoor dining rooms are similar to Lindsay Goodwin. He went into such fine detail in his works its as if the viewer is looking at a very lively photograph! Very good with color as well. I enjoy looking at fashion designs and when Isaac Mizrahi used to have his show on the fashion network, my favorite part of the show was watching him sketch some designs. I wish more artists would do so.

Try drawing or painting a fashion illustration.