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Artist of the moment……Beatrice Mandelman


Beatrice Mandelman was the wife of the previous post, Louis Ribak. Beatrice Mandalman was a painter in the social realist and abstract genres. Beatrice Mandalman was born in Newark, New Jersey in the year 1912. Mandalman was a painter and printmaker.

Mandelman participated as a mural painter assistant for the W.P.A. from 1938 to 1943.

Mandelman attended many institutions of higher education taking evening classes The School of Fine and Industrial Arts in Newark before attended the Art Students League of New York. Mandelman also attended Rutgers University. Later in life she would also study with Fernand Leger in Paris, France.

Mandelman and Louis Ribak were married in 1943. The couple would live mainly in Toas, New Mexico as her husband had breathing issues in other climates.

Beatrice Mandelman passed away in 1998.

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What an outstanding husband and wife team of artists! Their abstract style and bright palette were very similar.