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Artist of the moment……………Pham An Hai




Pham An Hai is a wonderful abstract artist born in Hanoi, Vietnam.  in the year 1967.

An Hai attended the Hanoi Institute of Fine Arts.

Though best known for his abstract works the artist has also experimented with Expressionist and figure painting.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Pham An Hai has a great sense of color. The artist seems to apply paint using many different ways of applying paint giving the surface a wonderful variety texture that is a visual feast for the eyes.


In this clip a short documentary on Pham An Hai:

A favorite subject matter for Pham An Hai is the lotus plant. An Hai sees the flower as a great symbol for his beloved hometown of Hanoi.


Artist of the moment…..Pham Luan

Pham Luan is a painter born in Hanoi, Vietnam in the year 1954. The artist was inspired to be an artist by a book and manual by the artist Nguyen Van Ty. The artist was called to military service in 1972, this was the time of the Vietnamese revolution.

Luan did attend the Hanoi Teacher’s College. He graduated despite being called into military service.

In 1990 the artist quit teaching and became a full time painter.

Luan enjoys painting in oils and gouache.

The artist paints much of the local farm  landscape and urban areas.

Price range information: Sorry none available.


Artist of the moment….French artist Le Pho…

The artist was actually born in Vietnam in 1907.

Went on to become one of best Impressionists of his day.

Was famous for his paintings of women in flower gardens.

A brief clip of some of the artists work. If you don’t understand the language in the beginning Le Pho’s painting images begin 15 seconds into the clip. I enjoy his playful and happy style of painting.

Le Pho had a tremendous artistic output working in oils, lithographs, watercolors, inks, and gouache.

High range price: $110,000 for a gouache sized 24 by 40 inches titled Hibiscus and birds.
$373,000 for a work done with inks titled the Purple Curtain.

Low range price: $5,000 for a small floral picture in oils.  12 by 12 inches.

In Vietnam he attended the Ecole de Beaux Arts de Hanoi, Vietnam. He received a scholarship to study in Ecole de Beaux Arts Paris in 1932. Upon returning to Vietnam he taught at the Indochine School of Fine Arts located in Hanoi, Vietnam. In 1937 he returned to Paris where he would live the rest of his days.

He had a unique and personal subject matter painting mainly scenes of women from his native Vietnam surrounded by flowers. In some paintings he leaned towards a Dali type of Surrealism elongated the female figures as they seem to float above the many fields of flowers.

Le Pho passed away in 2001.

This is probably my favorite artist to come from Vietnam. He had a very happy and impressionistic style of painting.

For some art homework try and paint a dream that you have had. Perhaps for some inspiration look to some Surreal masters like Dali or Leonora Corrington. Try to nail the mood of what you want to say rather than go for strict realism.

Artist of the moment…….Nguyen Van Cuong….

The artist was born in Thai Binh, Vietnam in 1976.  The artist attended college at Hanoi University finishing in 1999. He was the highest graduate of his class earning a bachelors degree in art.

He is best known for his paintings of young women.

Paints mainly oils on canvas but has worked with watercolor on ink frequently.

Currently part of teaching staff at National College of Music and Art.

Uses lacquer in most of his artwork. Similar to the previous post, the Luo Brothers, this artist enjoys making commentary on the introduction of western objects into his native culture of Vietnam.

Won a first prize in Vietnam for a self portrait in 2011.

Paints very large faces, many times a head and shoulder portrait might be 40 by 40 inches.

Average price range: For a larger portrait in oils 40 by 40 inches around $10,000.

Not a large body of work or much info out there on this up and coming artist. I enjoy the way she handles the female figure. The figures seem very emotional and fragile. Perhaps sculpted of porcelain. The eyes she paints are very emotional as well. He also mixes in floral elements and butterflies in his works.

Try a portrait today, but paint it larger than you normally would.  Some great artists who paint figures very much larger than life would be Lu Cong and Alex Katz.

Happy painting!

Artist of the moment…..Le Thanh Son

A short clip featuring a montage of the artist’s work. Don’t be worried the very beginning has Russian words, the clip is mainly artwork set to music.

The artist is from Vietnam and was born in 1962 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

He is best known for his painting of the lush green countryside of his native country.  The colors of the plants and flowers sparkle against his subdued paintings of the sky. The plants seem to jump out at the viewer.

In 1986 he graduated from college after attending the Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema.

In 1990 won a prestigious art award for young artists in Hanoi.

high price range: $10,000

low price range: $2,000

Le Thanh Son works mainly with oils on canvas. Collected by Bill Gates and President Bill Clinton. Member of Vietnamese Fine Art Association.

on line and land based galleries: Gallery in Tokyo, Japan.!i=1617223364&k=rPr89Wf

Son was most influenced by the French Impressionist painters. He emphasizes texture as much as color in many of his works.

For some art homework try a painting of your favorite place you would like to visit, but haven’t yet.

Happy painting!