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Artist of the moment…..Qiu Zhijie

Qiu Zhijie was born in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, China in the year 1969 and is a photographer, painter, printmaker, calligraphy writer, and installation artist.

A major theme of the artist’s photography work has to do with the overwhelming age of consumerism that now exists in China. In the gallery above you can view two images of this successful series, they are self portraits of the artist. Some times covered with writings or codes to symbolize that the individuality of human desire has been exchanged for a culture in which everyone wants the same few things. This series was titled “Tattoos.”

The artist has written several books dealing with art theory.

An interview with Qiu Zhijie from 2011. The interview is in Chinese with English subtitles:

The artist is currently a professor at the School of Inter-media Art of the Chinese Art Academy.

For his artistic education the artist earned a degree in printmaking from the National Academy of Fine Arts located in Zhejiang, Hangzhou.

Based out of Beijing, China.

In this clip we see a multi media work that incorporates text and a message about the virus that causes A.I.D.S.

Started exhibiting his work in 1992 with a very successful show in Hong Kong.

First solo show in the United States was in 2007.


Artist of the moment….Video sculpting and multi media master Steven Gagnon

Steven Gagnon is a wonderful American artist born in the year 1973 in Fort Pierce, Florida. For his artistic education the artist attended Pepperdine University in   California. Another artist who works in many mediums including video installations, printmaking, and sculpture. some themes include oil and money.

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As far as categories I would include him as a modern day pop artist. His art includes current politics including oil and the people that battle for it daily. You may notice on the dollar sign work and many works a basic shape is covered with plastic toy soldiers representing the mass human force needed to extract and refine the oil.

In this wonderful clip we view another video installation. In this piece we are taken in a cab to various locales around New York City. Many cab drivers are interviewed and we find out how many countries are represented in the taxi cab drivers of the Big Apple:

In this clip we view a wonderful video installation dealing with love letters from his grandfather to his fiancee. Its from the 1930s and Florida. With the car and video images on the windows its like being in a time capsule.

The artist is based out of Miami Beach , Florida.