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Artist of the moment……Gloria Petyarre…

Gloria Petyarre comes from a huge family of artists of Aboriginal descent. Gloria was born in 1945 and is renown for her paintings of bush leaves that have wonderful movement and a great use of color. The artist is also known as Gloria Pitjara.

In this clip we watch Gloria Petyarre at work on a large canvas while it lies on the floor.

Considered the most well known and highly collected of the living Aboriginal female artists. She is renown internationally for paintings of the bush leaves.

Great selection of work by Gloria Petyarre in under one minutes time!

Her career exploded into the realm of success after winning a coveted art prize at a gallery in New South Wales. The piece was a large bush leave work for which she has become famous.

She is from a very small town in region in Australia called Utopia. It is reachable only by a dirt road, so it is not reachable at all times during the season.

Her aunt was probably the most famous Aboriginal female artist ever and her name was Emily Kame Kngwarreye, she passed away in 2006. Her aunt had some of the same abstract patterns appear in her work as Petyarre. Here is a work by Kngwarreye that is probably her most famous Big Yam Dreaming.




As with the Inuit peoples a small group was formed of the best artists. The group became a collective which brought profits and sales to all those included. Very similar to the way the Inuit peoples do their annual print shows. She and her aunt were founding members of this collective.

price range information: Many works priced $2,000 to $20,000. Her record is $74,000 in aussie dollars.

Was commissioned to do a mural at the Kansas City Zoo in the United States.