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Artist of the moment……Jenny Holzer

Jenny Holzer is an artist born in Gallipolis, Ohio that is world renown for stating her ideas and thoughts about feminism and politics though visually stimulating text. At first the artist used the popular poster as a way to express her ideas. As with anything else technology came along and now she has a very unique way of organizing her displays.

A link to the website of Jenny Holzer:

For her collegiate studies Holzer attended the Rhode Island School of Design.

She has a  very high business IQ with many mediums stating her ideas from plaques, digital signs, LED signs, stone benches, footstools, stickers, t shirts, and paintings.  One very cool object the artist got to design was a Le Mans racing car. I have showcased other artists like Warhol and Lichtenstein who also did the same thing. Below is Jenny Holzer’s BMW!


In this clip from Art21, the series done by public television often recommended here, we listen a brief interview featuring Jenny Holzer.

A brief montage of works by Jenny Holzer.

And now we visit a show at the Tate in Liverpool, England.

Another genre explored by Holzer is that of the past wars of the United States in the Middle East. Yet another artist that chose to use maps as part of her work. This makes three artists in just a few days of writing. Holzer found documents and maps of Baghdad and how to invade Iraq. She also used information from the National Security Archive to bring a personal side to her art by taking actual words from interrogations and even confessions.

Jenny Holzer has helped to produce seven books!

You probably have seen the artists work if you have been to big cities like New York and even Oslo, Norway. I think of her as Ms. Las Vegas for her clever way of mixing text, to me all of her work looks like an advertisement, which is exactly what the culture contains at the moment.

Jenny Holzer was the first woman ever to represent the United States in the Venice, Biennale in 1990.

Price range information: Sorry none available.


Artist of the moment..Photographer Barbara Kruger

Barbara Kruger was born in 1945 in Newark, New Jersey. Most of Kruger’s art deals with black and white photography with letters and words that express a political or social remark. Kruger does a great job at capturing the contemporary consumer experience in America. My personal favorite is “When I hear the word culture I have to open my wallet!”

Works mainly with the Helvetica type font.

For her collegiate studies Kruger attended Syracuse University and Parsons School of Design. A heavy influence on the artist was the modernist painter Marvin Israel who taught at the University. Below an example of Marvin Israel’s style. Israel was renown for working with the interior and did many works similar to the one below even one with the subject being an electric chair.


Below a great montage of works by Barbara Kruger.

Here we visit the Hirshhorn Museum of Art for a show featuring Barbara Kruger. 6,700 square foot display.

After college Kruger got a job with the magazine Conde Naste working in design. At this point she was more a fiber artist that sewed or did crochet.

Another classic slogan from Kruger, I shop therefore I am!

Kruger also makes installation art.

Over her career she has taught at several prestigious locales including the Whitney Museum of Art and the University of California at Los Angeles.

Based out of New York city and Los Angeles, California.

Price range information: The artist is a hot commodity in the art world! At auction in 2011 Kruger had a work sell for slightly more than $900,000 at Christies. Most works are priced from $10,000 to $50,000.

If you enjoy a laugh sometimes when looking at art also check out the artist Jenny Holzer. Holzer is an American artist renown for her sculptures that have text poking fun at  society in a manner similar to Barbara Kruger. In the work below it reads, ITS CRUCIAL  TO HAVE AN ACTIVE FANTASY LIFE, STUPID PEOPLE SHOULDN’T BREED.


For some art homework think of this artists and add some captions to your own photographs!


Artist of the moment…..Paul Beliveau

The artist was born in Quebec City, Canada in 1954.

A brief clip from a gallery show.

This is a great clip!  A time lapse of the artist creating one of his paintings of book covers. Its great to see the process. The paintings start with a compilation of a variety of shapes of rectangles. He works generally on one book at a time using masking tape to help acheive very sharp edges between the books.

Since I spend so much time reading in the summer, lets also take a look at artist who paint book covers. This is my favorite type of pop art. Games that many people played as children that required no batteries like Monopoly, Yahtzee, and Scrabble. The artist is able to make up their own book or board game  ideas and book and board game cover design. They can take an idea and fully experiment with it.  For board game artists my check out the work of Tim Liddy. He makes up many of the games he paints, but they are very lifelike and convince the viewer that they really did exist. He even paints the tape that we use to keep the old board games and boxes together.

Beliveau paints mainly with acrylics on canvas. For some portraits, like those of other artists, he uses oils on board.

Attended college at Laval University in Quebec finishing school in 1977.
Mediums used:  Beliveau uses many mediums and is an accomplished draughtsman, painter, and an engrave.

Member of the Royal Academy of Art in London, England.

Has had more than fifty one man shows.

In addition to his books he has also done paintings in oils of famous artists such as Basquiat and Roy Lichtenstein.

On line and land based galleries:   Gallerie de Bellefeuille in Monteal, Canada.

Arden Gallery of Boston, Masssachusetts.

Try a painting in this genre. Think of your favorite artist(s) and design your own bookcover. An idea might be to take a landscape painting book that has helped you to improve your skill. Perhaps the book by artist Frank Serrano. Paint the book on the bottom of the page, in the background go ahead and paint the landscape. Its a great way to combine art history and contemporary art.

A link to the artist’s own personal website:

If you have a moment take some time to peruse the drawings done by the artist. I couldn’t find them on gallery pages but a wonderful collections exists on his website.

I enjoy this artist for his high level of skill, but also his wonderful composition skills. I have never been so intrigued to go to the library and see if I can find a future painting on the shelves!

The artist is also great at typography. He knows how to use a variety of curves in his letters to make them appeal to the viewer.
Create a masterpiece today!


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