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Artist of the moment…….Street Artist El Seed


El Seed is a wonderful street artist working with the art of calligraphy, graffiti art, and  Arabic lettering in his art. El Seed was born in 1981 in the Le Chesnay, France.

El Seed has even teamed up with clothing line Louis Vitton to merge his artwork with luxury designer hand bags.

In this clip a brief interview with El Seed:

Another great interview with El Seed:

Here is a link to the website of the artist El Seed:

Though he hasn’t been featured in a large show in the U.S., El Seed has taken part in prestigious shows in Dubai, Paris, and Berlin. Look out for more exciting work from this artist!

Price range information: Sorry none available.

El Seed is now based out of Montreal, Canada.

The artist received an important commission from the government of Qatar to design some walls showing his work in Doha.



Artist of the moment…..Nja Mahdaoui

In this clip we see Nja Mahdaoui working live for a royal charity benefit. What graceful line work, even if you don’t know Arabic as I do not. The lines are very free flowing.

price range information: none available.

Nja Mahdaoui was born in Tunis, Tunisia in the year 1937. The artist is renown for work involving text and oriental patterns. For his collegiate studies the artist attended the Grand Academy of Arts Santa Andrea in Rome, Italy. Mahdaoui also studied in Paris at the Oriental Department of the School of the Louvre.

With his emphasis on patterns, signs, and text Mahdaoui is a great example of the current culture of Tunisia, a very modern Pop Art if you will.

Has exhibited at the British Museum.

Worked with Gulf Air to help design their exterior.