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Artist of the moment……..Street Artist Fafi


Fafi is a French street artist renown for her sexy female cartoons. She calls her cartoon ladies “Fafinettes.” These characters represent her feelings at given moment in time.

Unlike most street artists Fafi works with traditional materials such as paint and brushes rather than aerosol paint.

The artist began her street art work in 1994 in Toulouse, France.

A wonderful montage of “Fafinettes”:

She is very successful commercially working with such international brands as Adidas, Sony, and Coca Cola.

Fafi is now based out of Paris, France.

The artist has created two books.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

In this clip we view a great clip featuring Fafi in collaboration with the Adidas company:

Fafi has created a great niche for self. She does a great job at capturing the vivacious curves of the female figure.



Artist of the moment. Tilt


Tilt is a graffiti artist from Toulouse, France born in the year 1972. Tilt made his first tag in 1988. Since then his style has evolved into a throw back style that has echoes of the very beginning of tagging.

What I enjoy most about his style, the layered affect and his use of bold color. Many times graffiti can’t even be read. With Tilt even though the tag may be illegible, one can easily recognize the subject he is painting.

The term for this type of graffiti art is “throw up.”

Tilt has published books of his work.
In this clip a brief interview with Tilt as he prepares for a show:

Price range information: No price available other than auction prices which can reach as high as $20,000 for a large piece. Tilt works with mainly with acrylics and spray paint.

What a wonderful style of tagging!


Artist of the moment……..Dran

Dran is a funny street artist based in France. Dran enjoys using humor and art to point to flaws in society. My favorite works of his are children’s drawings. ┬áJacob Lawrence had a similar artwork, but Dran’s are better executed and communicate more clearly to the viewer. The artist often refers to iconic American images in his work. Take Pinocchio for example. Pinocchio is now part of the Geico family of commercials. I also believe we have the beloved American responsible for cleaning everything, MR. CLEAN!

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Dran has been labeled the French “Banksy.”

The artist is based of Toulouse, France.

Dran has been part of numerous exhibitions in many E.U. nations including Spain, France, and the United Kingdom.

The artist works in many mediums.

In this clip we visit a great show featuring the work of Drane:

What a diversified street artist!