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Artist of the moment……..Crystal Liu



Crystal Liu is a Canadian born painter renown for her images of flowers and nature.  Crystal Liu was born in Toronto, Ontario in the year 1980.

Liu attended the Ontario College of Art and Design located in Toronto. Liu went on to earn a M.F.A. from the San Francisco Art Institute.

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Below a link to the website of the artist:

Liu often works with watecolors and ink.

The artist also works with the medium of photographer. The first example in the picture gallery is an example of Liu’s photography style.

Liu has shown her work at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Crystal Liu’s art reminds of painter Robert Kushner. Both artist’s capture the wonderful organic lines of flowers and also incorporate a variety of mediums to give their paintings a wonderful variety of texture and movement of light across the painting surface. When I first saw Kushner’s work in person I was amazed at how the picture changed slightly as moved, this made it seem very life like.

Kushner often covers his work with resin and also uses glitter, which doesn’t show up well on a digital image. But in person as the viewer slightly moves different light is bounced on a variety of colors of glitter and the effect is a shimmering light.




Artist of the moment…..Haida artist Bill Reid

Bill Reid is among the most famous Haida artists of all time. Bill Reid was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in the year 1920.  His father was American and his mother a member of the Haida tribe. He learned to make jewelry from his grandfather, who had himself studied under a renown jewelry artist.

A brief biography about Bill Reid:

Bill Reid also attended the Ryerson Institute of Technology, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada  where he also learned how to make jewelry. He began his art career making jewelry and then progressed to large works in traditional Haida materials including red and yellow cedar.

Bill Reid passed away in 1998 at the age of 78 years old from problems due to Parkinson’s disease.

Reid gifted a large donation to Simon Fraser College upon his death. In this clip we view some of the collection:

Has had his artwork featured on the $20 Canadian bill.

The artist has works in many prominent locations around the world including the Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C. and the Canadian National Museum in Ottawa, Canada.

Another brief interview with Bill Reid;

Bill Reid was also an activist of keeping people out of the rainforest.


Artist of the moment…..Street Artist Posterchild

Posterchild  is a wonderful street artist from the city of Toronto, Canada. He has kept his identity private, so no birth date information is available. Posterchild is renown for using making box sculptures that represent blocks from old Mario Brothers video game. Poster Child has done several fun projects around Toronto, leaving evidence the city has been visited by superheroes such as Batman.

Posterchild has seen his art appear in  a main newspaper of Canada called the Toronto Star.

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In this clip we see Poster Child in action.

Another clip in which we find the artist at action working with a favorite medium, the phonebooths of New York City!


Artist of the moment…..Cathy Daley

The artist stands out for using sometimes only one color, black, in her works. She also sometimes works only with oil pastel, giving her works a unique layered quality. She mainly paints women.

The artist talks about her work and appears briefly starting at 2:08 into the clip. Always a great idea to hear from the artist when they talk about their work.

Cathy Daley was born in Toronto, Canada in 1955. She attended the University of Toronto for her collegiate education.

Part of the teaching faculty at the Ontario Univerisity of College and Design.

Daley works with oil pastels and sometimes uses a pastel wash in making her artwork . For her surfaces she uses vellum .

Has works in many collections including the National Gallery of Canada, the Canada Council Art Bank, The Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Tom Thompson Art Gallery.

Recently appeared in the national art magazine Art in America.

Online and land based gallery:   Newzones Art Gallery in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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Not much biographical information on the artist so why do I like her work?  In the interview she says she paints what it FEELS like to be a woman. I think she is dead on in this assesment. No background noise or color, just a sole figure full of spectacular curves and legs that seem to be in motion.

Many artists out there are removing color from their works. Be sure and check out Gordon McConnell who paints black and white images of western themes such as a stage coach heist at sundown. Very action packed and his works remind me of the westerns I watched growing up such as the Rifleman or Daniel Boone. Kara Walker who paints ideas having to do with slavery and freedom. Richard Hambleton, another Candadien artist best known for his silhouttes of the Marlboro Man. Annysa Ng, a great artist that makes me think of royalty, a queen perhaps. Of all the artists mentioned Ng goes into the most detail in the dress and clothing of her characters.

The term silhouette comes from the French. In the 1700s during a bad economic crisis the finance minister’s last name was silhouette. It became attached to anything done cheaply. Before a camera, having this type of art was the cheapest way to capture someone’s likeness.

My favorite paper cut artist, Hina Aoyama. She loves to do figure work, but I find her butterflies AMAZING.

Try a silhouette painting or paper cut today!