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Artist of the moment…..Shoji Hamada

Shoji Hamada was a famous Japanese potter born in the year 1894 in Tokyo, Japan. For his collegiate education Hamada attended the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

A wonderful selection of works by Hamada in this clip. I only wish I knew what the characters meant!

At this school only Hamada and another artist named Kawai Kanjiro where interested in becoming artists who specialized in pottery.

A large influence on the artist was Bernard Leach. Hamada saw Leach’s work and wrote to him seeking in introduction. The two met and became great friends as they had much in common. Hamada worked with Leach for a few years before opening his own shop in Mashiko, Japan. Below are two great examples of the British artist Bernard Leach:

Shoji Hamada was declared a living national treasure in 1955.

Shoji Hamada passed away in 1978.

In this clip we view Shoji Hamada at work on his pottery wheel!

Price range information: Sorry none available. His works sell very well at auction as he is so revered but I was unable to find any actual prices.