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Artist of the moment……Ching-Liang Chen


Chen Ching- Liang is a contemporary ceramist who is renown for his art which recreates the texture of wood in clay. Chen Ching- Liang was born in the south of Taiwan in the year 1953. The artist comes from a family of farming.

Chen Ching- Liang often works with the table and chairs as a favorite subject. It reminds him of what he considers to be the funnest time of anyone’s life, a child! No responsibilities or worries, just fun!

The artist first began his work with clay by doing his own style of teapots. He has now worked with ceramics for 35 years.

His family wanted him to be a farmer, but he didn’t want this for a career and he ran away from home. It took three tries, but Ching- Liang Chen passed his exam and entered the National Taiwan Academy of Art with hopes of becoming a nationally renown painter.

When he finished college the regional economy was tough. The artist found success in creating ceramic tea pots. The tea pots led him to wood and his signature trompe style.

The artist’s wife, who was his girlfriend at the time, visited the United States and studied dance in college. She brought a teapot that Ching- Liang Chen had made for her and showed to her ceramics teacher. Her teacher was very impressed with the skill of the teapot artist.

The teacher got the permission for the artist to come and immediately began teaching ceramics at the collegiate level. The artist also had his works shown in the U.S. for  the first time. It was a very successful adventure and Ching- Liang Chen taught very successful classes as the public was eager to learn from this master ceramist.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

The artist is based out of Neihu, a suburb of the Taipei, Taiwan.

He often works on a piece for half a year. Works are purchased before they are finished!

What a fascinating subject matter!



Artist of the moment…..Li Chen

Li Chen is a wonderful sculptor that was born in Yunlin, Taiwan in the year 1963. Chen’s favorite mediums are clay and bronze. He was trained in the style of creating art dedicated to Buddhist principles and the Buddhist culture.  Chen has enjoyed the process of creation since the age of 7. His work is a mixture of Buddhism and Taoism.

After taking art classes in junior and senior high school the artist joined the military to complete his mandatory two years of service. After this period was over, Li Chen went to work as an apprentice in a well respected sculptor of the human figure named Hsieh Tung-Liang. Below a great example of the loose figurative style used by Tung-Liang.


Li started showing his own works in 1999.

The goal of Li Chen is to express the Eastern culture and belief system through sculpture.

Price range information: Works range from $50,000 to more than $7.2 million.

In this clip from 2013 we see many works live in an outdoor setting. Its great to see the vastness of the art. The clip is from the BBC. Some other artists are mentioned in the beginning and the Li Chen segment is included around 35 second mark:


Artist of the moment…Chiu Ya-Tsai

Chiu Ya-Tsai was a modernist artist born in Yi-lan , Taiwan. A city that lies on the east coast of Taiwan. The artist painted the figure for the most part. His work was a great blend of Eastern and Western painting. Ya-Tsai was fourteen years when he began his interest in art.

Chiu joined the military where he began to read and began to paint.

The artist had his first exhibition in 1979.

A large influence was the painter who lived from 344 to 406 before the Tang dynasty named Ku K’ai-chich. No original works of the artist survive to this day but he is often mentioned and the oldest known Chinese scrolls are said to be copies of his works.

It is from the Tang dynasty that the artist discovered the way he would paint eyes and elongated faces.

price range information: Works range from $50,000 to the low six figures.


Artist of the moment……Ju Ming…..

Ju Ming is my favorite Taiwanese sculptor. Some call his work abstract, but when looking at his sculptures I know exactly what they are. Ming’s talent lies in capturing the movement of the figure using very simple shapes. He works in a series and one of the most famous is his Taichi series.

Ju Ming paid for the cost of his museum himself, not relying on public funds.

In this clip we visit a the Ju Ming museum in Jin Shan, Taiwan. A great selection of museum pieces. Impressive works in this piece include works of people in military uniform.

In this clip another more in depth look at the museum in Jin Shan.

As a young boy Ju Ming was an apprentice to a woodcarver, thus honing his skills from a young age. Versatile in his choice of mediums Ming has worked in wood, styrofoam, bronzes, and ceramics.

He started his own crafts business and was a success but tired of being a machine, he yearned to break out of his creative slump. He quit the business and became an apprentice again. His new master even got Ju Ming to take up T’ai chi. This experience led him to produce a series dedicated to t’ai chi, these are my favorite works of the artist.

Now lives and works out of Taipai.

Price range information: Works done in wood range $30,000 to $450,000. Bronze works cost $100,000 to $2.7 million dollars.

Try drawing your next figure using very simple shapes and exaggerate the movement, tell a story with the movement of the figure. Think of not only Ju Ming, but also the Inuit carvers who are able to give stone and basalt a “personality.”