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Artist of the moment……..Alano Edzerza


Alano Edzerza is a First Nations artist renown for his prints of wildlife. Edzerza is also an outstanding entrepreneur who has brought the First Nations art into commercial apparel. Imagine wearing your favorite first nations art design as a dress, this is possible thanks to the vision of Alano Edzerza.

The artist attended school in Arizona where he learned to work with jewelry. He has also studied with many artistsĀ in private settings.

Edzerza was born in the year 1981 and has been making art his entire life.


Edzerza represents theĀ Raven clan of First Nations Tahltan people.

In this clip we visit the artist in his studio and see how he lives on a daily basis:

In 2010, the artist secured a deal to design the wear for the Dutch Winter Olympic Sports Team.

Edzerza loves giving back to the community and has helped with local programs that help younger artists to succeed as artists and business people.

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What I enjoy most about his artwork is his sense of close up depictions of his work. When I first saw his work I imagined Andy Warhol might paint something so large in scale with such a limited palette if he worked in the First Nations style of design. Its great to see such art and designs finally making it the widespread consumer market.





Artist of the moment……..Roberta Quock

Roberta Quock is fantastic Five Nations artist born in the year 1968. For his artistic education Quock attended the Freda Diesing School of Design. Quock is renowned for her mask and utensil carvings.

Quock is a member of the Five Nations Tahltan.

Quock has spent much of her life living in British Columbia.

A major inspiration for the artist was master Five Nations artist Bob Dempsey who has been profiled here.

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Look for more outstanding works from this artist. She was one of the favorites of attendees at the annual Freda Diesing Student Show.