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Artist of the moment……Raymond Howell

Raymond Howell was an African American painter that produced works dealing with the African American experience. Howell also tried to help bring art to minority children. Howell’s work is a fantastic blend of surrealism and realism.

Raymond Howell was born in the year 1931.

Howell was very popular in his home region of San Francisco, California. Raymond Howell Day takes place every year on his birthday, September 7th.

Raymond Howell passed away in 2002.

The artist is part of the collection of the Oakland Museum of Art.

Price range information: Howell created a small number of prints which can be found for $1,000. Originals in oils can reach $10,000. The artist also worked in acrylics.

Below a montage of great works by Raymond Howell from a private collection:


Artist of the moment…….Max Ernst


Max Ernst was a painter who worked in a Surrealist style and he was also the father of the previous post, Jimmy Ernst. Max Ernst was born in Bruhl, Germany in the year 1891. His father was a teacher to deaf and mute students. His father also was an amateur painter.

The artist was a painter, printmaker, and mixed media artist producing works in glass and bronze.

Ernst served his country in the first World War. As soon as the war was over he married an art history student, Luise Straus.

Max Ernst was a founding member of the D.A.D.A. movement.

Ernst enjoyed using birds in his artwork.

When he moved to the United States after World War 2, he married art patron Peggy Guggenheim. This marriage lasted a few years and Ernst would then marry artist and writer Dorothea Tanning. Of his three marriages this one lasted the longest. The couple were together for the rest of Max Ernst’s life.



In this clip a great selection of works by Max Ernst:

Max Ernst passed away in 1976 at the age of 84 years old.

Price range information: Max Ernst worked in many mediums with prints starting at $10,000 to originals which can reach $1.5 million dollars.

What a family of artists!



Artist of the moment…….Wolgang Paalen


Wolfgang Paalen was born in Vienna, Austria in 1905. Paalen was associated with both the abstract expressionist and Surrealist movements.

His father was an inventor and his mother a leading actress. The family always lived in a beautiful living space including a castle whilst the family lived in Germany.

Paalen studied with painter Fernand Leger.

Paalen married an artist and author named Alice Rahon. She will be the next entry! Rahon was a minimalist and modernist painter.

The artist was inspired to move to Mexico by the famous artist Frida Kahlo. At this stage of his life the artist was working in the Surrealist style. The artist also painted in San Francisco, California. He would later lose his friendship with Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera over their political beliefs.

The artist worked with ink and oils as his favorite mediums.


In this clip we view an abstract work by Paalen. The close ups are wonderful to see how much color the artist uses:

Wolfgang Paalen committed suicide in 1959 at the age of 54 years old.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

I enjoy his type of Surrealism. Paalen created very unique shapes and gives the viewer a feeling of being in outer space, or at least a world far different from earth.



Artist of the moment…….Mary Blair



Mary Blair is one of my favorite artists who worked with the Walt Disney Company. Mary Blair is just as extraordinary as Disney’s famed Nine Old Men and worked for years as a concept artist with the Walt Disney Company.

Mary Blair was born in McAlester, Oklahoma in the year 1911. Blair’s style can best be described as Surrealist. My favorite work of hers is the image of a boat flying over the moon.

Mary Blair also had a very successful commercial advertising career. She often portrayed young children of foreign countries.

Blair grew up in California and attended San Jose State. Blair also studied at the Chouinard Art Institute located in Los Angeles, California.

Some films she helped to create include Peter Pan, Cinderella, and Alice in Wonderland.

Blair also produced many murals for the Disney Company. She also helped to create the Disney theme park attraction ride “It’s a small world.”

In this clip we view a great montage of works by Mary Blair:

Mary Blair passed away in 1978 at the age of 66 years old.

Price range information: Sorry none available.


Artist of the moment…….Inka Essenhigh


Inka Essenhigh is a fantastic painter renown for her Surrealist work with the figure and other creatures and monsters. Inka Essenhigh was born in Bellafonte, Pennsylvania in the year 1969.

Essenhigh attended the Columbus School of Art and Design located in Columbus, Ohio.  The artist also studied at the School of Visual Arts located in New York City.


Here we visit a show from a few years back with our favorite art critic, James Kalm!

The artist is now based out of New York City.

Essenhigh, like many artists featured here, is also married to an artist named Steve Mumford. Both husband and wife attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Below is an example Steve Mumford’s style.


What I enjoy most about this wonderful artistic family, their composition skills. As for Essenhigh, she paints every subject superbly, but her trees have a great sense of lighting and the artist uses wonderful greens that don’t overpower her landscapes.

Price range information: Essenhigh works in oils and is also a printmaker. Prints start at $10,000 and originals can reach up to $250,000.






Artist of the moment……Actor Tony Curtis


The great American actor Tony Curtis, famous for his role in the movie with Marilyn Monroe ,” Some Like it Hot!” was also an outstanding painter and sculptor. Tony Curtis was born Bernard Schwartz in the year 1925 in Manhattan, New York.

Curtis is associated with the Expressionists and Surrealist movements.

price range information: Sorry none available.

In this outstanding clip from a few years back we visit a show with Tony Curtis that took place at Harrod’s of London, England:

Curtis began his acting career with a contract at the age of twenty- three years of age.

Its important to note that many of the actors who influenced by Tony Curtis, were also personal friends of the artists. In this clip we visit his studio and he talks about some of his friends including Matisse, who played a large role in Curtis’ development of an artist:

Tony Curtis passed away in 2010 at the age of 85 years of age.

Curtis has a star on the famed Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Artist of the moment…….Jean Hugo


Jean Hugo was a French painter renowned for his quick sketches. Jean Hugo was born in Paris, France in the year 1894. Hugo comes from a long line of artists, his great grandfather was famed French romantic Victor Hugo. Jean Hugo’s father was named George. George Hugo was an author and painter. The black and white work of a man is self portrait by Jean Hugo.

Hugo is associated with the Modernist and Surrealist movements.

Hugo taught himself to draw, paint, and even write his own essays since he was a child.

Hugo himself was married twice and from his second marriage produced seven children, many went on to various artistic careers.

Jean Hugo passed away in 1984 at the age of 89 years old.

Many books written by Hugo and his relatives have to do with art.

Price range information : Works range from $10,000 to $320,000.


Artist of the moment…..Taro Okamoto

Taro Okamoto was a world renowned painter, printmaker, and sculptor born in Kawagawa, Japan in the year 1911. The artist’s father was a cartoonist and his mother a writer. For his artistic education Okamoto attended the Pantheon-Sorbonne in France. Okamoto also painted murals.

Okamoto is associated with the Nihonga movement. Much of this art of this movement was executed in watercolor or ink on Japanese paper or even silk.

Whilst in France he was able to meet some leading painters including Andres Breton and Kurt Seligmann. The two artists were among the leaders in the Surrealist Art movement.

His former studio is open to tourists and is located in Tokyo, Japan.

Taro Okamoto passed away in 1996 at the age of 84 years old.

Taro Okamoto loved to say art is explosion! In this work a great example of his style with this very large mural that depicts events after the atom bomb was dropped.  The work is located at a subway station in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Shibuya is a shopping district:

In this clip a great montage of works by Taro Okamoto:

Price range information:  Taro Okamoto created paintings, prints, and sculptures ranging from $4,000 to $120,000.


Artist of the moment…….Nicole Eisenman

Nicole Eisenman was born in Verdun, France in the year 1965. The artist moved to the United States and attended college at the Rhode Island School of Design located in Providence, Rhode Island. The artist earned a Masters of Fine Arts degree. Eisenman works in many mediums including watercolor, oils, and sculpture.

Many works are taken from her own life experiences. One work that was well received by critics had to do with a person when they have their braces removed.

Price range information: Works range from $3,000 to $30,000.

The artist enjoys portraying women as super independent and strong. In this regard she reminds me of the American painter Hilary Harkness. Harkness many times will paint a ship or submarine that is operated by an entire female crew. Below an example of Harkness’ style.


The artist was featured in her first solo show in 1992.

In this clip we meet up with our friend James Kalm and visit a show featuring Nicole Eisenman from 2009:

Eisenman is based out of New York City.

The artist has been part of two Whitney Bienniales.

In this clip we visit another show from 2012 with James Kalm:


Artist of the moment….Chiho Aoshima

Chiho Aoshima was born in Tokyo, Japan in the year 1974. Aoshima is another member of the art collective founded by Takashi Murakami called Kai Kai Kiki. For her collegiate education Aoshima earned a degree in economics from  Hosei University located in Tokyo, Japan. The artist mainly portrays women. She also uses additional materials from plastic to

Aoshima completed a residency at Art Pace.

Aoshima started work in  Murakami’s factory with no formal training. As a member of the collective Aoshima also works

The artist works in Surrealist/ Anime style. Some unique works are digital prints made on cellophane.

price range info: Works range from $2,000 to $50,000.

Here we see a montage of works by Aioshima.

And here we have a short animated version of a city.


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