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Artists of the moment………Street Artists Husband and Wife Dabs and Myla




Dabs and Myla are one of few husband and wife street artist teams. The couple grew up in Australia, both spent much time living in Melbourne.

In this clip we short bio on the couple:

Dabs and Myla are now based out of Los Angeles, California after relocating to the city in 2009.

Here we check out a mural painted by the duo for Christmas:

Below a link to the website of the duo:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Recently the couple was chosen to design the logo for the 2015 MTV Movie Awards Logo.

Whats great about this duo is that they have loads of fun when they create! One can’t help but smile at some of their cartoon compositions.




Artist of the moment……….Sepe and Chazme




Sepe and Chazme are a wonderful pair of street artist from Poland. Sepe and Chazm create remarkable works that have a wonderful sense of design using color and depth to achieve some amazing results. Sepe’s specialty is character and figure design. Chazm’s specialty is architecture.

Michael “Sepe” Wrega attended the Academy of Art located in Warsaw, Poland.

Daniel “Chazme” Kalinowski was born in Laufen, Switzerland in the year 1980. The artist attended the Architecture and Town Planning School also located in Warsaw, Poland.

In this clip we view a time lapse of the Sepe and Chazme at work on a piece in Poland that was made in 2013:

This exciting young duo is among the finest of the young street artists teams in all of Europe!

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Below a link to the website of artist Sepe:

Below a link to the artist Chazme:


Artist of the moment…..Street Artist Team Etam Cru


Etam Cru consists of artists from Poland named Sainer and Bezt. Bezt was born in Turek, Poland in the year 1987. Sainer was born in Lodz, Poland in the year 1988.

The duo met each other when they were attending the Academy of Fine Art located in Lodz, Poland. Both artists work in the commercial and graphics design field.



In this clip we visit the studio of Etam Cru and see them at work:

Here we see the artists at work on a very large scale. Not only are the characters very animated and lifelike, we must remember in some cases the figures might be 5 stories high. The team is great at depicting subjects difficult for most artists, fabric and clothes and also hands:


price range information: Sorry none available.

A link to the website of Etam Cru:



Street Artists the Wooster Collective

The Wooster Collective is a non profit organization dedicated to promoting street art on a world wide basis. In their shows are some of most prominent and well known  street artists including many profiled here such as JR, Faile, and Chris Stain. The website was started in 2003, and the group itself began in 2001. The group produces artwork and also books that include drawings of the collective.

Here is a facebook link to the Wooster Collective’s  homepage has a hilarious picture of a man with an Afro made of real tree leaves:

For those non New Yorkers like myself Wooster is a street located in the SoHo  district of New York City.

In this clip we view a project titled the ” Sheboygan Project.”

For a very successful show the Collective was asked to put on a show celebrating street art that existed in a well known building that was going to be refurbished into some condos. Many artists that participated are renown in their field such as Shepard Fairey, Swoon,  and Graffiti Research Lab. Famed artist Richard Hambleton even attended in person and made an installation.

A show is going on this year to celebrate 10 years of the Wooster Collective. See famous street legends from all over the world!

The Collective also has a youtube channel. This is one of my favorite clips from that site:

An example of a Brooklyn mural made by the group:

Artist of the moment…..Street Artist Duo Sten Lex

Sten and Lex are two Italian born (b. 1982) street artists who are gaining critical acclaim on a world wide level. As I have tried to show art lovers everywhere, street art is the new Pop Art! We have seen street art now take on the sculpture world with the Danish artist Tejn. We have seen several examples including  famed street photographer JR  , that have to deal with taking photography to the street art level so that it is seen by the masses. Sten Lex have a very unique niche in the street art world as their style is a combination of Street Art and Op Art like you might expect to see from Victor Vasarely or Bridget Riley. Never seen this style of art on the streets before! Much more exciting to look at then a decaying old gray building!

Their have made art all over the world including Rome, London, Paris, and Barcelona. Though stencils have been a mainstay in American street artist, Sten Lex was among the first  to bring this concept to Italy.

A major leap in their career happened when they were invited by street legend Banksy to produce their art on the walls of South East London in 2008. 39 artists participated in the event.

In this clip we visit Sten Lex painting in Balitmore, Maryland.

Here we see a time lapse edit of  work completed in 2012.

From 2010 we visit a show featuring Sten Lex that took place in Rome, Italy.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

A link to the artists’ website:

The Street Art Movement is Here! What a unique concept to blend Op-Art with Street Art! Awesome !


The cruise ship as ART…..The Duke of Lancaster in Mostyn, North Wales.





This fantastic ship has been in the target of some of the best street artists in the world. The ship has been installed at this location since 1979, and that time it was deemed a local landmark. It was already being used as a bar and was called ‘the Fun.”

Some of the artists who have done works here include Mr. Zero from Hungary, GOIN from France, Fin Dac from Ireland. Also included are collectives one named DeDug and another named the Cream Soda Crew.

In this clip we view aerial footage of the Fun Ship!

A shorter version showing many views of the ship.

Thanks to all the street and graffiti artists for coming up with this idea and I wish you good luck in your quest to become an open air gallery!


Artist of the moment……Graffiti and street twin artists Os Gemeos

Os Gemeos are world renown street/ graffiti artists coming from Brazil. The identical twin brothers were born in the year 1974 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Their style is easily recognizable as their characters are rather tall with slender limbs and a slightly yellow color to their skin. At first they copied the graffiti are they saw coming from the streets of New York. Soon the twins were able to find their own style of painting and started to express their cultural views about Brazil.

The names of the brothers are Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo.

Below a short clip featuring the artwork of Os Gemeos.

A big break for the artists came in 1993 when they met American artist Barry McGee. McGee is best known for his cartoon characters, which to me resemble faces made by John Brack, that he paints often on bottles using gouache. The artist is also great at creating abstract patterns and designs. Since I first saw him in national art magazines for his work with bottle I have decided to include works by Barry McGee from his bottles series. Below some bottles by McGee. McGee attended the San Francisco Art Institute but was studying in Brazil. He showed them many examples of American style graffiti. McGee also taught them lettering and graffiti style techniques.

b1 b2

The twins have created their art in many cities including Miami for Art Basel Miami Beach, in Heerlen located in the Netherlands. They have also produced works in Portugal, New York city , and in London, England at the Tate Modern.

In this clip we see famed street artist Blu work with the Twins on this very large project completed in Portugal for a festival.

In addition to painting the two also create sculptures and light installations.

First United States exhibition in 2003.

How graffiti and street artists differ in the world. If you have been reading the blog lately you might have seen artists  like Cool Disco Dan, who loved to tag mainly along certain subway lines. In Brazil subway systems are a great deal of pride for the community, so authorities do their best to keep them clean looking. But in the last decade with the approval and rise of graffiti and street art to gallery and main street artists, Os Gemeos and other well known graffiti artists were COMMISSIONED to paint the subway legally. Another great example of how the street movement has a full head of steam behind it!

Price range information: The twins work in many mediums the most frequent being spray paint and acrylics which range $10,000 to $125,000.