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Artist of the moment………Street Artist Brusk


Street Artist Brusk hails from Paris, France and is renown for his style that depicts various items dripping.

In this clip we view Brusk and another artist named Gomer work on a wonderful mural:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Brusk is part of the collaborative group DMV. In this clip each individual member is briefly profiled:

The DMV group is gaining in popularity and they have been included in traditional gallery shows in France and also London, England.

Brusk was born in the year 1976.

I enjoy the way Brusk and also the previous post, Will Barras, both blend abstraction with the figure. The sense of movement in Barras’ work is similar to the Brusk’s subjects seem to drip and dissolve before our very eyes!



Merry Christmas……………Christmas Art!

Let’s have a look at  some of the wonderful artwork that has been made over the years to celebrate Christmas.

We begin with Russian based artist 0331C and MOW and this wonderful tree for its scale and color.


And here we have some works made by Andy Warhol. If you are looking for a book to purchase with your gift card that you received a great idea is a book of holiday cards made by Andy over the years for the Tiffany company.

And the master Norman Rockwell!


In this clip we take a look at a wonderful incident that occurred in 1914. It was World War 1 and the men from two different countries put down their guns for one night of peace and celebrated Christmas.

This was made into a wonderful movie and here we see the street art interpretation. The street art is from London and Berlin. The war story featured soldiers from France, Scotland, and Germany. The movie is called Joyeux Noel and I enjoyed it! The clip is from the Telegraph U.K. :

And Frederick Hammersley, like Warhol also designed holiday greeting cards for others.

And representing the street art movement, Mr. Brainwash.

To close with we look at the next artist who will be featured, Isaac Cordal.


Merry Christmas, a belated Happy Hanukkah, and Season’s Greeting to everyone!


Artist of the moment……Pichi and Avo


Pichi and Avo are two highly talented street artists who work in a realist style. Pichi and Avo hail from Valencia, Spain. The duo are sometimes known as PichiAvo and are renown for their blend of realism and surrealism in their street art work.

Avo studied product design in Valencia and also in Finland.

Pichi started making street art in 1995. Avo began his street artwork in 2003.

Price range information: Sorry none available.


Below Pichi and Avo work on a painting of a lightbulb:

In this clip we see a magnificent portrait made on the side of a shipping container:


To close we take a look at a time lapse video of Pichi and Avo painting Santa Claus:


Artist of the moment…….Street Artist Eko


Eko is a wonderful street artist working in a geometric abstract style with flat bold color.

Eko was born in Wandsworth, London in the year 1974. He began tagging and writing graffiti in the mid 1980s in the Hull area. This area of the city has many abandoned warehouses and buildings perfect for street artists use.

Eko would later work in the Bristol area.

The artist has worked designing record covers.

The artist uses a wide variety of shapes in his work. Some even look like letters. With this wonderful mixture of shapes the artist is able to create movement. The artist doesn’t do much work in smaller canvases sizes, lets hope for some small treasures from this great artist soon!

Price range information: Sorry none available.



Artist of the moment……..Street Artist Ricardo AKN


Ricardo AKN is a street artist hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil born in the year 1979. In addition to painting large murals the artist works as an illustrator and also with plastics.


In this clip we view a time lapse of Ricardo AKN at work on a piece in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2006:

The artist and the Pepsi company teamed up for this series of works featuring the best football/ soccer players in the world. In this clip we take a closer look at this series of art from Rikardo AKN:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

I enjoy the style of this Brazilian artist. Though people in the art world know about the Pandolpho Twins, Os Gemeos  from Brazil, other artists such as Ricardo AKN do a great job depicting the figure in a modernist style. The artist has been very successful as a commercial artist working with companies including Pepsi, Ellus, and Nike.


Artist of the moment…………..Martin Whatson


Martin Whatson is a street artist based from Norway born in the year 1984. Whatson attended the Westerdal School of Communication located in Oslo, Norway.

His style takes traditional art motifs most viewers and admirers of art are familiar with painted in black and greys with little color. Then he adds his very colorful style of urban art to create his very unique works of art.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

In this clip we view a large mural done by Martin Whatson:

Below a link to the website of Martin Whatson:

The artist has been part of shows in Europe and the United States. His first solo exhibition was in 2011.

What a unique style of urban art Whatson has developed. His work is recognizable instantly.


Artists of the moment…….Street Artist Collective Mentalgassi


Mentalgassi is a street art collective based out of Berlin, Germany that consists of three people. The group met whilst in their mid teens and experimented with writing graffiti at that time.

Mentalgassi is their chosen name. A favorite idea of the group was to go for a walk. Mentalgassi is supposed to mean that we take our mind for a walk.

Their signature work is to take a black and white photograph, enlarge, and then glue it to a highly visible public location. The first work of this style was produced in 2007.  This also led to a series in which U-Bahn ticket validator machines had a person’s face with the mouth open to take the ticket. The group is full of very creative and unique ideas:




In this clip we view a great idea! Heads on ballons! What a great idea and also well done on the execution of this project:

In this clip we view a Mentalgassi version of a flag. Their concept using paint, graphic design, and many layers of sweat!

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Below a link to the website of Mentalgassi:


Artist of the moment……Street Artist Maser


Maser is an internationally acclaimed street artist who works in a modernist style. Maser hails from the country of Ireland. He began experimenting and painting graffiti in 1995.

Maser is also adept at typography. Some other artists renown for their work with typography include Robert Cottingham, Robert Indiana, glass artist Denis Brown, and Stephen Powers.

The artist has done many collaborative works with other artists including a large work with the street artist who works with photography named JR. This work is the first image in the gallery.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

A link to the website of artist Maser:

Maser created the work that was a three dimensional work with a nod to the famous work of Ed Ruscha’s work of the gas station. Here is the original version by Ed Ruscha.

And here we view the newer modern version of the gas station by Maser:

In this clip we view some works of Maser that showcase the Irish Republican of the 1800s named Anne Devlin:

In this clip we view a collaborative work with Maser and automobile company Volkswagen:

What a great artist and commercially successful as well. I have so much respect for those artists who study typography. The letter as art can be  quite exciting!


Artist of the moment…..Street Artist Team Etam Cru


Etam Cru consists of artists from Poland named Sainer and Bezt. Bezt was born in Turek, Poland in the year 1987. Sainer was born in Lodz, Poland in the year 1988.

The duo met each other when they were attending the Academy of Fine Art located in Lodz, Poland. Both artists work in the commercial and graphics design field.



In this clip we visit the studio of Etam Cru and see them at work:

Here we see the artists at work on a very large scale. Not only are the characters very animated and lifelike, we must remember in some cases the figures might be 5 stories high. The team is great at depicting subjects difficult for most artists, fabric and clothes and also hands:


price range information: Sorry none available.

A link to the website of Etam Cru:



Artist of the moment……..Street Artist Rone

Rone is a fantastic street artist from Australia who is renowned for his paintings of people. Rone was born in Australia in the year 1980.

Rone has his favorite subject matter which includes skateboarding and video games.

In this clip we view a show from 2011 that featured Rone and other artists painting live! Other artists are featured but Rone is shown painting using a stencil on canvas at 40 seconds into the clip:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Rone works in the field of graphics design.

Like my favorite street artist Swoon, Rone also uses wheatpastes when he doesn’t have to paint images. He works in the daytime as his work is very detailed and he prefers to work in full light. The artist also uses stencils in his work.

In this clip an interview with the artist:

Another highly successful street artist!

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