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Artist of the moment……….Street Artist Be Free

Be Free is one of the many exciting street artist from the city of Melbourne, Australia. Be Free uses stencils and also collage materials in creating her art.

Be Free is known for pouring buckets and drips of paint.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

I enjoy the artist’s use of black and white and color imagery.

Below we see some works by Be Free from the street:

Some of my favorite women street artists include my favorite Swoon. She uses art to help people, such as rebuilding Haiti. Excellent drawing and painting skills and she uses wheatpaste’s for much of her work. Another awesome artist is Faith47, both have already been profiled here and are worth checking out!


Artist of the moment…..Street artist Will St. Leger

Will St. Leger is a well known stencil artist from Ireland. He also has done some very unique installations including a show that was titled “Landmark Trail.” It was to show what the world would look like if everyone’s normal path was covered with landmines.

Here we catch up with the artist at an activist event.

This has got to be one of the funnest artist I have covered. In this clip watch as he gives a short presentation on his work. One example is this statement, ” Never meet your heroes, you will only disappoint them. ”

Will St. Leger is sometimes called the “Irish Banksy.”

Here is a link to the artist’s facebook page:

And last we check out a work done in 2011 to raise awareness of homelessness.

Price range information: Sorry no information available.

Like world renown street artist Swoon, Will St. Leger is a great example for everyone to follow of how to use art to make changes in the world.


Artist of the moment …Nick Walker

Nick Walker is a British artist born in 1969. He is best known for his artwork that refers to
icons and imagery. For instance when you hear of Mona Lisa you think of her smile
whereas Mr. Walker thinks of her Kardashian like booty!

In this clip see the artist interviewed by Fused magazine in 2010.

This is an awesome clip, right up there with watching Jackson Pollack drip his paint and spill his ashes onto his canvas. Here we see Nick Walker do a painter you may have seen in the gallery and the one I mentioned at the beginning with Mona Lisa being renamed Moona Lisa. Its awesome to see street art come to life and I hope more people give these street artists more credit.

Price range information:  Works done in pochoir or stencils can fetch between $10,000 and $25,000. Works done in spray paint range from $3,000 to $30,000.

As a street artist Walker is a great printmaker and often works with stencils. For black and white imagery he is as talented as Banksy. Banksy is perhaps the most famous street artist in the world because no one knows his true identity. Banksy comes from London and is famous worldwide for his street art. Here is a great example of his signature stencil style.


Banksy is also a passionate artist that enjoys expressing his political views. In this awesome clip we see see Banksy making his graffiti art or vandalism if you like, on the segregation wall that separates Israel from Palestine.

Walker is given credit for introducing street art to Bristol, England and in this manner is seen as the artist who inspired Banksy to do his thing years later.

Nick Walker was also used by Stanley Kubrick to reproduce the scenes involving the streets of the big city in his thriller with Tom Cruise titled Eyes Wide Shut. This was the movie with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman where he ends up at a party thrown by very rich people that end up having a sex party that he should never have seen.


I must say like Banksy, this artist has developed a quick reputation in the art world and his works sell for very large amounts. Moona Lisa sold in 2006 for $86,000 U.S. dollars or around 54,000 British pounds at Bonhams auction house of London.

Walker still lives and works out of Bristol, England.

This artist is great for all to enjoy. I have tremendous respect for artists who take their work to the street. At least the feedback would be very honest if not brutal if we all worked in this same manner.  Thankfully we have artists like Crash, Banksy, Nick Walker, and Swoon to inspire us all!