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Artist of the moment……Speedy Graphito….Olivier Rizzo

Speedy Graphito is the nickname of Olivier Rizzo, a pioneer in the street/ graffiti art movement. Rizzo was born in Paris, France in 1961. Graphito is renown for mixing commercial advertising with famous cartoon characters. Rizzo got his start by joining a street collective in 1983.

Speedy was exhibiting and building a great reputation and by the mid 90s was very successful throughout Europe.

Faile is a great example of an up and coming collective working with street art. Below an example of Faile’s work, they are baesd out of New York City. In this clip we check out an installation work done by Faile.

Graphito worked as a graphic designer for a short time.

The artist is based out of Paris, France.

In this clip we visit a show given for Speedy in London, England.

As a viewer I enjoy how he makes a strong statement using symbols everyone knows. In the gallery you will notice it seems the world is being over taken by consumer brands (based out of the United States.) Another well received work was of Snow White being tainted by an Apple product! What a great idea to combine the two. It seems Speedy is negative on the consumer and loves to show how much the consumer is always being tempted to buy the newest item.

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A link to the website of Speedy Graphito:

To close we visit a show for Speedy given in Paris, France.