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Artist of the moment…..Alice Ravenel Smith


Alice Ravenel Smith was born in 1876 in Charleston,  South Carolina. Her family was well respected in the region, but Smith did not attend any formal art school. Alice Smith learned by recreating and learning from the Japanese woodblock master printmaker. Smith was self-taught.

price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $100,000.

Though an outstanding printmaker and author, Alice Ravenel Smith decided in the middle of the 1920s to devote most of her artistic energies towards the medium of watercolor. Its with these works most historians and collectors seek. Wonderful images that capture the atmospheric mood and feel of the Carolina Low life.

My current favorite painter of the south is famed watercolorist Mary Whyte.

Alice Ravenel Smith passed away in 1958.

In this clip we see some images of Alice Ravenel Smith. Later in the clip we view many woodcuts and drawings. Smith was a great draftsman who enjoyed working with architecture. Some of her many paintings are shown at 4:11 into the clip. What a wonderful use of color and flow due to her use of the medium of watercolor in her work:


Artist of the moment…….Clay Rice


Clay Rice is the grandson of the silhouette artist Carew Rice. Like his grandfather both artists specialize in making cut paper silhouettes. Though his grandfather was famous for his cut paper work and Clay Rice saw him work many times, the artist didn’t begin to take cut paper silhouette work with the vigor of a professional artist until he was in his twenties.


Clay Rice has done by his own account more than 900,000 portrait works. Most of these works take around one minute to complete as you can see in the film clip.In this clip we watch as Clay Rice gives us a live demonstration of a cut paper silhouette:

Rice has also produced children’s books containing his fantastic cut paper artwork. Rice has won awards for his children’s books. Clay Rice has very high standards for himself as he hopes to win a Caldecott award which is given for outstanding pictures and illustrations in children’s literature.

In addition to children’s books Rice’s work has appeared in the television series Army Wives.

Rice says he has been doing silhouette cuts for a little more than three decades time.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Another great family of artists.