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New Auction record for Chinese Porcelain


A wonderful piece of porcelain, a rare wine cup fired at the Ming dynasty kiln was sold at auction for $36 million dollars at the famed Sotheby’s Auction House located in Hong Kong yesterday.

The last cup was sold in 1999. Only four cups are known to be owned by private collectors.

As you can see in the picture below, its called a chicken cup for the artwork appearing on the side:


In this clip a closer look at the cup in question:


Its been awesome to see the flood of money flowing toward Asian and Chinese art. I enjoy watching the Antiques Roadshow when jade items come up for question. Many times the item might be a rhino horn or jade and go for six figures!


Chimp photographer auction at Sothebys

On June 5 at Sotheby’s auction house of London a set of 18 photographs of Moscow taken by a former circus chimpanzee sold for $76,000. The chimp’s name is Mikki.

The idea was dreamed up by two Russian born American artists. One is named Vitaly Komar. Some examples of his work below.

The other artist involved is named Alexander Melamid. Melamid has a son that produces videos for hip hop moguls like Kanye West and Snoop Dogg. Melamid took the liberty to produce oils paintings of these two icons. Melamid is not only a great photographer, but a great painter also.

The pair found the chimp while visiting a circus in Moscow. The duo have done many collaborations with animals in the past including making bones by using the paw prints of dogs, using an elephant to paint a bust of George Washington, and even working with beavers producing wood gnawed sculptures.

Below is a clip from the CBS morning show with more about the auction.

What a fantastic and unique idea! Way to go Mr. Komar and Mr. Melamid!