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Artist of the moment…..Sonny Assu

Sonny Assu is a Five Nations artist born in Richmond, British Columbia in the year 1975. Assu is a very clever artist who blends modern commercial imagery from items like Frosted Flakes or the Coca Cola symbol and uses words associated with the Indigenous peoples of Canada. Assu makes paintings, photographs, sculptures, posters, and installations.

Assu is from the Ligwilda’xw of the Kwakwaka’wakw Nation.

Assu enjoys learning and not only graduated from the Emily Carr College of Design located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Assu is working on a master’s degree from Concordia College.

Assu also produces work in the more traditional Five Nations style.

In this clip a great interview with Sonny Assu sponsored by the National Gallery of Art:

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Assu is based out of Montreal, Canada.

What I enjoy most about Sonny Assu is his close attention to detail and his use of materials. The artist produces sculpture works like the cereal boxes, which look like they jump off the shelves at grocery store just for their design! Assu also produces posters, many of these have a Sheperd Fairey modern feel to them.