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Artist of the moment…….Carew Rice


Carew Rice was a wonderful artist famous in the American South for his silhouettes of the Low Country of South Carolina. Think of Kara Walker with any thoughts of racism and feminism. Carew Rice concentrated on capturing the feeling of the landscape of the south.

Carew Rice was born in Allendale, South Carolina in the year 1899. For his collegiate education Carew Rice attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Whilst in an art class in college he was inspired to try and just capture the essence of a person by capturing their profile with paper and scissors.

price range information: Works range from a $1,000 to a $10,000.

Carew Rice has a grandson named Clay Rice who continues in his grandfather’s tradition of capturing the South with paper silhouettes. Other silhouette artists profiled here include the great Kara Walker and Auguste Edouart. Carew Rice will be an upcoming post.

Carew Rice passed away in 1971. The artist was most popular in the area around Charleston, South Carolina.

Hats off to the Rice family for producing multiple generations of professional artists for us to enjoy. Clay Rice, the grandson, is doing a great job at keeping the tradition of the “Southern Portrait Papercut” alive and well just as his grandfather did for creating his papercuts.





Artist of the moment…….Kenny Random

Kenny Random is an Italian street artist renown for his work with the silhouette figure surrounded by repeating colorful shapes sometimes butterflies or sometimes just a simple circular shape. Random is based out of Padova, Spain.

Kenny Random is successful as a printmaker working in editions of 150 prints on many occasion.

Most prints priced between $250 and $500.

In this clip we visit a show with Kenny Random called Lies. A brief interview is given in Italian. For a great selection of artworks by Random watch only the first minute:

What I enjoy about this artist is his portrayal of the figure that seems to be in touch with his surroundings.  A silhouette from this artist left in black and white allows the viewer to imagine how they might feel in place of the silhouetted character surrounded by wonderful repeating shapes of colour.


Artist of the moment…..Cathy Daley

The artist stands out for using sometimes only one color, black, in her works. She also sometimes works only with oil pastel, giving her works a unique layered quality. She mainly paints women.

The artist talks about her work and appears briefly starting at 2:08 into the clip. Always a great idea to hear from the artist when they talk about their work.

Cathy Daley was born in Toronto, Canada in 1955. She attended the University of Toronto for her collegiate education.

Part of the teaching faculty at the Ontario Univerisity of College and Design.

Daley works with oil pastels and sometimes uses a pastel wash in making her artwork . For her surfaces she uses vellum .

Has works in many collections including the National Gallery of Canada, the Canada Council Art Bank, The Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Tom Thompson Art Gallery.

Recently appeared in the national art magazine Art in America.

Online and land based gallery:   Newzones Art Gallery in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

No price range available.

Not much biographical information on the artist so why do I like her work?  In the interview she says she paints what it FEELS like to be a woman. I think she is dead on in this assesment. No background noise or color, just a sole figure full of spectacular curves and legs that seem to be in motion.

Many artists out there are removing color from their works. Be sure and check out Gordon McConnell who paints black and white images of western themes such as a stage coach heist at sundown. Very action packed and his works remind me of the westerns I watched growing up such as the Rifleman or Daniel Boone. Kara Walker who paints ideas having to do with slavery and freedom. Richard Hambleton, another Candadien artist best known for his silhouttes of the Marlboro Man. Annysa Ng, a great artist that makes me think of royalty, a queen perhaps. Of all the artists mentioned Ng goes into the most detail in the dress and clothing of her characters.

The term silhouette comes from the French. In the 1700s during a bad economic crisis the finance minister’s last name was silhouette. It became attached to anything done cheaply. Before a camera, having this type of art was the cheapest way to capture someone’s likeness.

My favorite paper cut artist, Hina Aoyama. She loves to do figure work, but I find her butterflies AMAZING.

Try a silhouette painting or paper cut today!



Artists working with the face and the figure…..Annysa Ng

This clip is from a show featuring the artist. The verbal parts are in Chinese but the pictures start at 14 seconds. Its great to see the artwork as it might appear in person so as to appreciate the extremely large size of the art.

The artist was born in Hong Kong and spent her childhood growing up in the Eastern part of the world. She currently resides in New York City. If I had to  compare her to another artist who paints in a similar manner it would be Kara Walker. The African American woman who paints silhouettes that deal with the many feelings that existed between the races during slavery and the days of the Underground Railroad.  In the works of Annysa and Kara Walker the viewer only sees the outline of the subjects in the picture. With so many shadowed covered areas like the mouth or the eyes its impossible figure out exactly what the viewer the subject is feeling. Instead the viewer must place themselves in the work and feel the emotions for themselves.

Her characters seem very elegantly dressed. Perhaps a deck of Chinese playing card queens that has sprung to life. Its great when the subject has no color or expression, the viewer can do it for themselves and have more fun in the process.

Attended the College of Visual Arts in New York City. Also attended the Saatchi Academy of Art  in Germany. Took classes in computer arts in Hong Kong.

Has been a part of national art competitions that focus on contemporary young artists such as the Basel Fine Arts show.

The artist works in a variety of media including ink, ,acrylics, and oils.

Has painted a mural for a hotel in Germany.

Another idea that comes to mind when looking at this artist’s work is the sixty year  jubilee for the Queen of England the idea of colonialism. The mix of an Asian as royalty but dressed as European loyalty with their clothing, is another idea great contrast.  Coming from Communist China the artist also enjoys making narratives out of the male dominated aspects of life and the little say the working woman gets nowadays.

on line and land based galleries: Blindspot Galleries in Central Hong Kong.

The artist is very prolific and in addition to painting also enjoys creating sculptures and installations. The artist also heads her own atelier should you wish to improve your painting or drawing skills!

Happy Sunday!