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Artist of the moment……..John Bisbee



John Bisbee is an American sculptor renown for using nails in most of his artwork. John Bisbee was born in the year 1965.

The artist attended the Skowhegan School of Art and earned a B.F.A. from Alfred University.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

In this clip we visit the studio of John Bisbee:

Bisbee is also an art professor working for Bowdoin College located in Brunswick, Maine.

Below a link to the website of the artist:

Below a brief interview with John Bisbee:

Artists who work with found materials often use make realistic items. Bisbee has his own unique style which is just looking for a creative shape.


Artist of the moment…….Street Artist Oli-B




Oli-B is a street artist from Belgium. His work includes many vibrant colors and shapes. He says art is his therapy and creating the shapes and colors gives him an infinite supply of energy.

In this clip we view the artist create a piece in his studio:

Oli- B was born in Brussels, Belgium in the year 1984.

Oli B draws inspiration from one famous French artist already profiled here, Nikki de Saint Phalle. A goal of Oli- B’s is to transform his paintings into 3d.

Below a link to the website of the artist:

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The artist has been featured in many graphic design and illustration magazines.

Oli-B’s art reminds me of Pablo Picasso for its design elements.



Artist of the moment……..Street Artist Sat One


SatOne is a street artist and illustrator originally from Venezuela now living in Germany. SatOne was born in La Victoria, Venezuela in the year 1977. He began working with graffiti when he was fifteen years old.

SatOne’s official government name is Rafael Gerlach.

The artist is very successful as a commercial artist and has worked with international brands including Adidas shoes and Ford Motor Company.

In this clip we view a time lapse of SatOne at work on a new piece:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

SatOne does a great job at developing very unique forms, shapes, and colors in his work. It always looks like its supposed to be there which is a great tribute to his high level of design.


Artist of the moment…………Jason Middlebrook



Jason Middlebrook was born in Jackson, Michigan in the year 1966. Middlebrook attended the University of California at Santa Cruz where he earned a B.F.A. The artist went on to earn a M.F.A. from the San Francisco Art Institute. He also studied at the Whitney Museum and abroad in Sweden. Middlebrook is a painter, sculptor, and printmaker.

One of the artist’s goals with his work is to help to preserve nature and to make the viewer aware of the impact they have on planet earth.

Below a link to the website of Jason Middlebrook. This home page has a wonderful piece of art by Middlebrook that mixes the organic shape of a slice of a tree with the straight lines of a rectangle:

In this clip we view works exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art located in Chicago, Illinois:

Many of his works with trees include spray paint and acrylics. The artist also used colored pencil.

Below we see a time lapse of a very large wall painting by Middlebrook at the Museum of Fine Arts located in Boston, MA:

The artist is based out of Hudson, New York.

Price range information: A wonderfully designed candle can be had for $120 from the artist. A sculpture can reach as much as $30,000.

What a wonderful sense of design employed the artist. Middlebrook’s work has a great deal of movement without overwhelming the viewers senses. The interaction of organic lines of the wood grain and geometric shapes make for a wonderful piece of abstract work.



Artist of the moment……Ekrem Yalcindag


Ekrem Yalcindag is a wonderful painter born in Golbasi, Turkey in the year 1964. His work is an explosion of color and repeating shapes.

The artist studied in Izmir, Turkey at Docuz Eylul University. Yalcindag also studied in Frankfurt, Germany with Hermann Nitch.

Price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $100,000.  The artist works mainly in oils.

What a great use of color and organic and geometric shapes!

The artist has been featured in many museum shows and here we see some flags made to promote a show in Zurich, Switzerland in 2013:

What a wonderful style that combines elements of Op-Art and the colorist movement.



Artist of the moment…….Street Artist 1010




Street artist 1010 was born in the country of Poland and makes fantastic works of art that showcase his tremendous use of color. 1010 uses simple geometric and organic shapes to make animals and also wall relief style works that emphasize color.

1010 made his work graffiti type work in 1993.

He uses the nickname he was given my a journalist who photographed his work and gave him the name. 1010 enjoys working with numbers and code.

Here we view an urban art show from 2011 that featured artist 101o and others including Rebelizer. This clip shows 1010 birds and earlier works that involve light and far different from his output now:

Below a link to the website of artist 1010:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

1010 is now based out of Germany and has done many works on the walls of  Hamburg, Germany.

What a creative artist! Its great to get so much color onto blah colored walls!


Artist of the moment…Patrick Caulfield….

Patrick Caulfield was born in London, England  in 1936. His father was employed by a major aircraft producer and the family moved to another English city called Bolton. Caulfield starting work for a salary at an early age and worked designing food displays as a sixteen year old.

At the age of seventeen Caulfield joined the Royal Air Force.

He found inspiration in the French artist Henri de Toulouse -Lautrec and the movie Moulin Rouge from 1952. The artist for the first time signed for evening drawing classes at the Harrow School of Art.

Other well known artists he met in college were Allen Jones and David Hockney.

When I look at the artist I am reminded of such masters as Juan Gris. Gris was a Spanish painter who experimented in many styles and was reknown for his Cubist style paintings. Below is an example of Juan Gris style of painting concentrating on the flat shape of the object, but also adding in fun varieties of texture such as wood and other fun patterns that you would expect see in a collage.  The item that is most important to me of Gris’s style is that even still objects are life and vitality. A boring pot on a table becomes a wonderful piece of eye candy filled with many different texturs and patterns to feast their eyes upon.


Caulfield,s style of painting takes me back to the sixties when people first started looking at ordinary objects as art. Be they a fire hydrant, a can of soup, or a box of brillo pads objects started to be seen more as artifacts of the time we inhabit now. Time capsules if you will. I hope that we start to see some twinkie and hostess paintings soon as they too will change.

In this clip we take a art critics view of a work about the inside of a cave.

Below is a great clip showing the artist’s work with the artist’s second known print titled “Still Life in Red and White.”

Patrick Caulfield attended the Chelsea School of Art in London. He also attended the Royal College of Art also located in London. Caulfield also served as part of the teaching faculty at the Chelsea School of Art for eight years from 1963 until 1971.

Has received many notable commissions over the years including painting the London Life mural for the London Life Associations new headquarters in Bristol. Also designed the stained glass windows in the Ivy restaurant located in London.

Also chosen to do design theater sets and costumes for the Michael Corder’s ballet “Party Game”  for the Royal Ballet. Also designed the sets and costumes for another theatrical production titled ” Rhapsody.”

Price range information: Screenprints are available from fie hundred to five thousand dollars. Works painted in acrylics can range from $50,00   to $827,000.  Occasionally an oil painting is found and they usually start at six figures.

The artist admired the photorealist movement and incorporated some of their methods into his artwork.

Caulfield passed away in 2005. He was 69 years old.

I enjoy this artist’s still life paintings the most. Another artist that comes to mind now that I look freshly at the artist’s work is Matthew Brannon. Brannon enjoys working with the shapes of objects, not trying to depict three dimensions but rather celebrating the vignette of the object. Below is a great example of Matthew Brannon’s artwork.


Try a still life and concentrate only on shape and color. Don’t try to render any objects in three dimensions! Good luck, you can do it!