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Artist of the moment…….Wei Zixi

Wei Zixi was a very prolific Chinese painter of the landscape and figure.  Zixi did much of his work with ink painted on hanging scrolls.

Wei Zixi was born in 1915 in Suiping, Henan, China.

The artist was a member of the Jiangsu Chinese Paint Academy.

Wei Zixi passed away in 2002.

I wish more information was available for this artist! In the upcoming posts we will spend some time looking at the wonderful Chinese painters that work on hanging scrolls. I love the atmosphere and design of these well executed works!

In this clip we visit a museum named for the artist. Not much artwork of Wei Zixi is shown. I included the clip as it contains a wonderful part in which traditional landscape painter Henry Li shows which brushes he uses to make clouds, mountains, and trees:

Price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $75,000.

Wei Zixi was able to get great depth on his wonderful compositions. The artist was also a very capable draftsman I would rank in the same category of other landscape artists including Claude Lorraine.