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Artist of the moment……Alison Watt


Alison Watt is a British painter from Scotland renown for her works with the figure and fabric. Alison Watt was born in Greenock, Scotland in the year 1965.

Watt attended college at the Glasgow School of Art.

The artist concentrated on painting the figure until a show in 1997 when she exhibited her fabric paintings for the first time.

In this clip a brief interview and retrospective of works by Alison Watt:

Watt is now based out of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Price range information: Watt paints mainly in oils and works range from $25,000 to $150,000. Watt also produces prints, but no pricing schedule available for prints.

Below we take a look at Watt when she was preparing for show at London’s famous National Gallery of Art:

Watt’s paintings of fabric are amazing. My favorite works in this series are paintings of fabric that represent real life subjects, such as flowers. My favorite painting of Watt is titled “rosebud.” A painting that shows a piece of white cloth with folds similar to what one sees when looking at a real rose.

If you enjoy looking at many abstract shapes of cloth, be sure and check out my post on Daniel Adel. Adel has also created a series of paintings of white cloths on dark backgrounds.



Artist of the moment…….Kim Sears



Kim Sears is the wife of tennis star Andy Murray, and one of the best painters of dogs on the planet. Kim Sears was born in Barcombe, United Kingdom.

Sears has a degree in English literature.

Below a link to the website of Kim Sears featuring many examples of mans best friend:

Sears just recently married tennis superstar Andy Murray at a castle the couple own in Scotland. Murray purchased the castle a few years ago and it underwent extensive renovations before recently being opened again.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Sears is a big enthusiast of American country music and especially the cowboy hats!

What a fascinating couple that also enjoy my two favorite activites, tennis and painting pets!

To close here is a clip featuring Kim Sears, Andy Murray, and their recent wedding:




Artist of the moment…….William Gear




William Gear was a Scottish painter renown for his abstract paintings. William Gear was born in Methil, Fife, Scotland in the year 1915. His father was a coal miner.

The artist attended the Edinburgh College of Art.

Gear was called to serve for his country and joined the        . When Gear traveled he often helped to contribute to funds which helped struggling artists during the tough economic times of war.

After serving his country the artist moved to Paris and began having solo exhibitions.

The artist and was among the first in his region to employ the medium of silk screening to produce prints.

Gear also served a head of the art department at the Birmingham College of Art.

William Gear passed away in 1997.

price range information: The artist worked in watercolor, oils, inks, gouache, and mixed media with prices ranging from $5,000 to $60,000. Gear also worked as a designer of textiles.



Artist of the moment………..Charles Mackintosh



Charles Mackintosh was a Scottish born architect and artist who painted in a modernist style. Charles Mackintosh was born in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom in the year 1868. He was the fourth of eleven children. His father worked in the city police department. Mackintosh also worked as a sculptor.

He won a scholarship to study architecture after his high school age education was complete. He worked in this field from 1896 to 1906. Below we view a fantastic house that was designed by Charles Mackintosh but not completed until recently. The house is filled with examples of modernist art including the fireplace, many sets of tables and chairs, and light fixtures:

Mackintosh was inspired by Japanese art.

As a painter the artist worked mainly with the medium of watercolor. His favorite subjects were landscapes and floral works.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Below a wonderful selection of modernist art from Charles Mackintosh:

He lived briefly in France and painted marine scenes of Port- Verdes, France often.

Charles Mackintosh passed away from cancer in 1928 at the age of 60 years old.

I enjoy the shapes the artist used in his depiction of flowers.



Artist of the moment……John Rankin Waddell

John Rankin Waddell is a photographer born in Glasgow, Scotland in the year 1966. The artist grew up in St. Albans, England. Waddell is also known as “Rankin.” When he started college it was with the idea of being an accountant. Rankin decided he needed a new path and changed his life course a bit attending Barnfield College and the London College of Printing.

Whilst in college he and classmate got along well and decided to start a magazine after graduation. His friend and business partner’s name is Jefferson Hack and the two started a television production company  in 1999.

Some clients Rankin has photographed include the Spice Girls, Queen Elizabeth of England, Madonna, and Kate Moss.

In this clip a brief interview with Rankin regarding a show take took place in 2013:

Rankin is marred to a fashion model named Tuuli Shipster. Rankin was married before to an actress named Kate Hardie. As a photographer he often works with his wife as his muse. Below a great example of this husband and wife, photographer and muse team.


For his photography the artist works with the fashion industry and has come up with brilliant ideas including models biting flowers.

In this clip we pay a visit to the studio of Rankin:

Rankin is based out of London, England.

Price range information: Works range from $3,000 to $50,000.


Artist of the moment…..Paul Binnie

Paul Binnie was born in Airthrey Castle locate in  Scotland in the year 1951. Paul Binnie is a Japanese woodblock master who enjoys working with the figure. Binnie is associated with the Shin- hanga movement. Some common themes include the figure with tatoos and also landscapes.

In this clip we view a great interview with Paul Binnie:

For his collegiate education Binnie attended the Edinburgh College of Art where he studied painting an etching. After this he moved to Paris, France.

After a few years in Paris his love of the woodblock print would take him to Japan where he was able to be a studio assistant to Seki Kenji. He worked for Kenji for two years before striking out on his own. Below an example of art by Seki Kenji:


In this clip we view some of the tattoo series by Binnie. Binnie would take a famous print, say Hirohige’s wave, and paint it as if it were on someone’s body;

A link to the website of Paul Binnie:

Artist of the moment……George Warren Rickey

George Warren Rickey was born in South Bend, Indiana in the year 1907. George Rickey was known primarily for his kinetic sculptures. His father was employed by a company still operating these days, the Singer Sewing Machine Company, and moved the family to Scotland after taking a job in the country. Rickey did his K-12 and collegiate studies in Scotland.

Studied art in Paris, France.

Around World War II the artist took place in many Works Progress Administration that paid creative people for their talents. He was able to be artist in residence at many colleges. He then joined the Army.

After leaving the Army he used the G.I. bill to attend college at the New York University of Fine Arts and also in Chicago at the Institute of Design. After finishing school the artist went on to teach at the collegiate level in both Pennsylvania and Indiana back in his hometown in South Bend. Here he met a mentor and artist that inspired him named David Rolland Smith.

David Rolland Smith was one of the first Abstract Expressionist painters and sculptors. He was born in 1906 and garnered a reputation for working with basic geometric shapes that were made by welding steel. Below is an example of Smith’s style of art. Smith died in 1965.


Smith also gained inspiration from the sculpture works of Alexander Calder. Calder was not only a printmaker, but a master at incorporating movement into his sculptures. In this clip we visit the kinetic masters last mobile work of art that hangs in the National Gallery of Art. The sculpture is 76 feet long and weighs 920 pounds.

A great clip showing one of Rickey’s kinetic works that moves by wind.

Price range info: Rickey made sculptures from steel anf mixed media that range from $20,000 to one quarter million dollars.

In this clip we see a work of Rickey’s that lives in Scotland.

Another live piece featuring four moving squares. The movement of these works is spectacular!

In 2011 Rickey was featured in Albany New York by the Downtown Business Improvement District.


Has works throughout the United States and Europe. A fair amount of work exists in Berlin where he lived the latter years of his life.

Rickey would eventually move to New York in Chatham and most of his sculptures were made in his studio there.

Rickey passed away in 2002 at the age of 97 years old at his home in St. Paul, Minnesota.