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Artists of the moment……Mounir Fatmi

MounirĀ  Fatmi is a contemporary artist born in Tangiers, Morocco in the year 1970. Fatmi is renown for using circles in his work. Sometimes the circles might be circular saws. Fatmi not only makes sculptures from found materials, but also includes Arabic writing in his work, adding an extra sense of culture to the work. ( I don’t speak Arabic but have studied calligraphy and find much of the line work extraordinary).

The artist is currently based out of Paris, France.

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Some other materials the artist uses are coaxial television cable, video cassette tapes, and records.

In this clip we see the artist using circles to invent some wildly creative machinery.

Mourni Fatmi’s most acclaimed work is a series done with the skyline of Manhattan, New York. The title of the series is “Save Manhattan.” The 911 attacks had a large impact on the artist and he made these works as a tribute to Manhattan using books and another using videotapes, and another using sound machines.

In this clip we see the version of the Manhattan skyline that used sound machines. Check out the shadows, very cool!

Subjects explored by Fatmi include religion and the consumer economy.

In this 40 second clip get a great grasp of the many works and moving installations the artist has created. Some of the circles he has worked on are records and when they are spinning its a new type of Op-Art illusion!