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Artist of the moment………..Luis Seven Martin


Luis Seven Martins is a Brazilian street artist renown for his spectacular images of birds.  The artist also goes by the name of LM7.

LM7 was born in São Paulo, Brazil in the year 1988.The artist has been working with street art and graffiti since he was thirteen years of age.

Most works are a mix of spray paint and acrylics.

Below a link to the website of the artist:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

In this clip a great selection of works by Luis Seven Martins:

LM7’s style can be described as John James Audubon with a modernist touch. LM7’s art is a wonderful blend of abstraction and color that show birds in constant motion. Another artist working with the same subject matter in a similar style is the painter Frank Gonzales.




Artist of the moment………..Anatol Wladyslaw


Anatol Wladyslaw was a Brazilian painter renown for his abstract works. Anatol Wladyslaw was born in Warsaw, Poland in  the year 1913.

The artist studied electrical engineering. He began to study art 5 years after finishing his engineering studies.

The artist experimented with other art movements including constructivism and figurative works.

price range information: Sorry none available.

Anatol Wladyslaw passed away 2004 whilst living in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I enjoy the many shapes included in the many works of Wladyslaw. Its modern and reminds of the screen savers of the home computers of a decade ago.

Wladyslaw reminds of a contemporary Brazilian painter who also had a very bright palette and bold colors and shapes, Romero Britto.


Artist of the moment………Street Artist L7M


L7M is a fantastic street artist renown for his depictions of birds. L7M also goes by the name of Luis Martins. Luis Martins was born in the year 1988 in São Paulo, Brazil. The artist began working with spray paint at the age of thirteen.

In this clip we view L7M work on some human portraits:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Below we view more works by L7m from an exhibit in Luxembourg. Many birds and human faces are featured:

Often L7M works with mixed media including ink, pastel, and acrylics.

I really enjoy the artist’s mixture of abstraction and realism in his artwork. Especially interesting are the images of birds with their wings flapping in motion.


Artist of the moment…….Street Artist C.A.L.M.A.


C.A.L.M.A.  is  a street artist who was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in the year 1977. His style is a mixture of fun stylized characters that have religious and cultural symbols and text included. His works always seem to be infused with many ideas and meanings. His father was a minister, and this had a large influence on his artwork.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

The artist government name is Stephan Doitschinoff.

In this clip we view a show featuring the work of C.A.L.M.A.:

Here we view a great interview with C.A.L.M.A. The artist talks about working in public spaces and some murals he did for a church. It was very touching for the artist to view someone praying in front of his artwork, though he himself refers to himself as a non believer:

What a great artist and a style that is great for street art as well as illustration. Its just great art!




Artist of the moment…….Street artist Nunca

Francsico Rodrigues de Silva is a street artist hailing from Brazil that also goes by the name Nunca.

“Nunca” means “never” in the artist’s native language of Portuguese.

The artist began spraying paint and making graffiti when he was 12 years old.

Nunca enjoys comparing the past Brazil with what see now and what will happen in the future.

The artist has worked with many other well known artists from Brazil.One such collaboration was with the twin street artists brothers, Os Gemeos.

Nunca is based out of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Nunca has shown his art at the Tate Modern located in London, England and the Brazilian Museum of Modern Art.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Here we see Nunca at work on a very large work:

In this clip we view Nunca and other street artists at the Tate Modern Show:

What a wonderful street artist success story!


Artist of the moment…..Herbert Baglione

Herbert Baglione is a street/ graffiti artist that comes from Brazil. He is known for using a figure and sometimes aliens  in his work. Baglione has been commissioned to paint murals.  Baglione was inspired to paint by his older brother. A theme Baglione tries to portray is the coldness and competitiveness that burns in all of us. Death is also a recurring motif.

price range information: Sorry none available.

In this clip we view the artist at work.

more of the artist at work!

Again we see Baglione working on a piece.

In this clip we view some unusual works by Baglione. He used his own blood to make these works.

A link to Herbert Baglione’s website:

Currently based out of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The artist gained much attention this year for a project that took place in Parma, Italy. The artist is working on a project where he will paint 1,000 shadows. The shadows are painted to show spirits leaping and jumping from vacant wheel chairs. An image from this recent work is below. What creativity!



Artist of the moment……Graffiti and street twin artists Os Gemeos

Os Gemeos are world renown street/ graffiti artists coming from Brazil. The identical twin brothers were born in the year 1974 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Their style is easily recognizable as their characters are rather tall with slender limbs and a slightly yellow color to their skin. At first they copied the graffiti are they saw coming from the streets of New York. Soon the twins were able to find their own style of painting and started to express their cultural views about Brazil.

The names of the brothers are Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo.

Below a short clip featuring the artwork of Os Gemeos.

A big break for the artists came in 1993 when they met American artist Barry McGee. McGee is best known for his cartoon characters, which to me resemble faces made by John Brack, that he paints often on bottles using gouache. The artist is also great at creating abstract patterns and designs. Since I first saw him in national art magazines for his work with bottle I have decided to include works by Barry McGee from his bottles series. Below some bottles by McGee. McGee attended the San Francisco Art Institute but was studying in Brazil. He showed them many examples of American style graffiti. McGee also taught them lettering and graffiti style techniques.

b1 b2

The twins have created their art in many cities including Miami for Art Basel Miami Beach, in Heerlen located in the Netherlands. They have also produced works in Portugal, New York city , and in London, England at the Tate Modern.

In this clip we see famed street artist Blu work with the Twins on this very large project completed in Portugal for a festival.

In addition to painting the two also create sculptures and light installations.

First United States exhibition in 2003.

How graffiti and street artists differ in the world. If you have been reading the blog lately you might have seen artists  like Cool Disco Dan, who loved to tag mainly along certain subway lines. In Brazil subway systems are a great deal of pride for the community, so authorities do their best to keep them clean looking. But in the last decade with the approval and rise of graffiti and street art to gallery and main street artists, Os Gemeos and other well known graffiti artists were COMMISSIONED to paint the subway legally. Another great example of how the street movement has a full head of steam behind it!

Price range information: The twins work in many mediums the most frequent being spray paint and acrylics which range $10,000 to $125,000.


Artist of the moment……Alexandre Orion…

Alexandre Orion is internationally renown street artist born in Sao Paulo,  Brazil in the year 1977 .   Alexandre Orion is my favorite male street artist with Swoon being my favorite female artist. He has combined street art with photography to make what could loosely be defined as installations. They are indeed street works of art painted on buildings and in public view, but Orion takes it a step further by imagining how actual people can be used for further impact. The result are some truly unique works where you might have some painted flowers fall off a ledge from above and land on a passerby.


Alexandre Orion is known for his street artwork but also for being world class photographer working mainly in black and white images.



Another funny image has a person riding a motorcycle in real life, whilst Orion has painted a person holding on for dear life. Its this use of people in his photographs with his graffiti that makes this the highest form of street art at the moment. With the use of someone besides just the viewer and the artist it gives us an extra dimension to work with in art appreciation. Awesome!



In this clip we see Orion at work on a piece and then the fuss by police that follows. A great glimpse into the production and demise of a work of street art. Its also great to see the artist work differently than most street artists. Many draw their works line by line, Orion prefers to make a large black shape and wipe out the positive shape. In essence he creates a stencil using a freehand method.


This piece was used to show people how fumes and car exhaust can hurt people. The artist just wiped away the exhaust and black tar that built up in the tunnel, it wasn’t necessary to use paint. What a clever idea to get the public to think about car exhaust and a healthy environment. In fact the government had to develop a law that called what he was doing illegal because in fact he was CLEANING  the environment by wiping away dirt and grime, not defacing it with paint.


In this clip we hear from the artist and see a montage of works involving the use of people passing by.

A link to the artist’s own website:

Orion started doing graffiti at age thirteen.

Like my favorite female artist Swoon, I draw much inspiration for Alexandre Orion for not only his art skills, but for his ideas to improve his local community by using art.

Price range information: Books available on the artist but no original works.