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Artist of the moment…….Bruno Giorgi

Bruno Giorgi was born in Mocao which is very close to Sao Paulo, Brazil in the year 1905. The artist moved with his family when he was eight old to Rome, Italy. Despite this Giorgi’s work is heavily influenced by characters of his native country of Brazil. Giorgi was renowned for his sculptures which started rather tight and constricted and ended up loose and highly stylized.

Many sculptures were done with marble, bronze, or steel.

The artist was on outspoken political activist. Whilst in Italy he helped spread some revolt against the Facist government. This angered the government and the artist was sent to jail and eventually deported back to Brazil.

In this clip we take a closer look at one of Bruno Giorgi’s more abstract works:

Eventually Giorgi would move to Paris, France and study at La Grande Chaumiere. Giorgi then moved back to Brazil.

Price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $50,000.

In this clip we take a closer look at another abstract sculpture by Bruno Giorgi:

Bruno Giorgi passed away in 1993.