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Artist of the moment…….Samson Kingalik….

Samson Kingalik was a great Inuit sculptor born in Quebec, Canada in 1937.

Also went by the name of Kingalik, Kingalik.

Has a very nice seal in the collection of the National Gallery of Canada.

Samson Kingalik passed away in 2011.

Price range information:  Working in steatite for the most part works range $750 to $4000.

A link to the McCord Museum in Montreal, Quebec, Canada which has 3 great works by Samson Kingalik. Please take the time to check out a wonderful female portrait carved in soapstone by the artist. As far as a western style sculpture with concern about proper placement of eyes, nose, and mouth Kingalik is the most skilled carver Inuit carver I have covered so far. Kingalik also reminds me of the painter Mary Cassatt for his ability to make the two characters interact together in his works.

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