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Artist of the moment…..Logan Grider

Logan Grider is a fantastic contemporary artist who blends a great sense of design with geometric and organic shapes alongside a great use of color. Logan Grider was born in 1981 in Salem, Oregon.

For his collegiate studies the artist earned a bachelors of fine art from the Chicago Institute of Art. Grider went on to earn a masters of fine arts from Yale Univeristy.

Grider is now an associate professor at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania where he teaches drawing a painting courses.

Here we visit a show at Swarthmore College. We listen to the lead curator at Swarthmore College. These works blend abstraction with modernism. Grider talks about design and color. He also talks about now making his own paintbrushes!

In this clip we visit a genre show featuring Logan Grider with our dear friend and fellow art enthusiast Logan Grider. ┬áLogan Grider’s work is shown at 4:20 into the clip.

His work is like looking at a painting of a collage with so many varied textures and designs. His work has a great paint quality to a it as he uses wax in addition to his paints.

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