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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!! A new work by me!!!

Happy Halloween!  One of my favorite genre’s is the collector and their house as art. In this work I wanted to celebrate visual artists who created something associated with my FAVORITE holiday!

Each panel is 9  by  12  inches. Medium is paper collage.

This is a diptych, a two panel work. As a child I loved to watch the Addams Family so I thought what other art pieces might exist in the house besides the fish with the human leg sticking out.

All artists have been written about on my website!

Pumpkin-   Japanese master Yayoi Kusama.

Frakenstein- Vik Muniz, Frankenstein, caviar monster series. The artist recreated monsters using beluga caviar.

Vampire Mouth- Ruby Sterling

Pumpkin Head Man- Jamie Wyeth

Platinum skull- Damien Hirst

Witches Hat- Robert Therrien

Happy Halloween everyone and try to make some artwork to celebrate the holiday!


Artist of the moment……Robert Therrien….

Robert Therrien was born in Chicago, Illinois in the year 1947.

For his collegiate studies the artist attended the University of Southern California earning a bachelors and masters degree of fine arts.

Part of many museum collections including the Scottish National Gallery of Art, the Getty Center, the Tate of London, the Museum of Modern art in New York cit, and the George Pompidou Centre in Paris.

Therrien is very diverse working with mediums such as photography, painting, sculpting, drawing, and printmaking. The artist enjoys working with simple shapes and structures that he can trace back to his early history. Some examples would be the outlines of simple houses, clouds, doors, coffins, and snowmen.

Its easy to understand why he enjoyed doing the oversized table and chair work, he could trace this feeling to his own history so he was very attracted to the idea.

In this clip we revisit a show  from 2008 by Robert Therrien.

When looking at Therrien’s body of work its so diverse its hard to compare to another artist but I found this work of his to be reminiscent of the late street artist Martin Wong. Wong enjoyed trying to replicate the color and surface texture of the red brick. First an image by Robert Therrien.


And this offering from Martin Wong.


Robert Therrien’s work also reminds me of a current art exhibit taking place in Berlin, Germany at the Bundestag Museum of Art. The exhibit aims to show how dangerous the world is for little kids by showing viewers how dangerous it can be just walking around in the kitchen, living, and dining rooms. The title of the show is “How Children See the World.”

"How Children See The World" Exhibit

A brief clip showing people interacting with Robert Therrien’s table and four chairs.

A link to some more pictures and images about this show:

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