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Artist of the moment….Rhee Ki-Bong

Rhee Ki-Bong is a wonderful contemporary artist born in 1957 in what is now South Korea. The artist  renown for his work with trees painted on resin. In addition to paintings the artist also enjoys installation work.

For his work the artist tries to show an equal focus on both the fleeting moments we have in our daily lives that are beautiful and serene with a alongside what is already beautiful, such as the shape of a tree. He does a great job at capturing emotion with his works.

For his artistic education the Ki-Bong attended Seoul National University earning both a bachelors and masters diploma.

Has been a professor at Korea University in the Fine Arts Department.

In this clip we visit an installation in which a book of philosophy made of leather  is thrown into an aquarium.  From the Singapore Biennale in 2008.

I enjoy his work with trees that are often painted on resin the most. The absence of color lets the viewer picture themselves in the environment, very similar to the photographer Ansel Adams. If you like this moody and atmospheric works make sure and check out artist Robert Kipniss, a master print maker who enjoys using tones to make spectacular renditions of middle town America at times when the setting is quiet and serene. Below an example of the style of Robert Kipniss.


price range information:  Sorry none available.


Artist of the moment….Lois Dodd

Another interview with Lois Dodd.

A great interview with Lois Dodd! She talks about Maine and the surrounding landscape.

Lois Dodd is a painter working in a manner than brings back memories of Pollack and the days of the Abstract Expressionists but at the same time gives us a heavy does of realism. Lois Dodd was born in Montclair, New Jersey in the year 1927.

For her collegiate education Dodd attended Cooper Union in New York city. She also studied abroad in Italy.

In addition to her ab-ex work she also has painted many landscapes of the north eastern part of the United States.

Dodd doesn’t paint include the figure in her works.

Her style of using basic shapes lets the viewer imagine all sorts of finished images in their mind. In one manner it reminds of the great artist Steve Graber who makes tremendous landscapes using tone and no color. Here is an example from Steve Graber.


Another would be the master printmaker Robert Kipniss, another artist I have featured. Her abstract work seems very real and with her simple basic shape style another artist who comes to mind would be Wolf Kahn. Kahn was born in Germany in 1927 and lives in the northeast United States. He uses pastels and makes wonderful subtle landscapes, very painterly style below.


Lois Dodd’s work is a great example of Andy Wyeth saying he loves to see the abstract in things. For most people looking at a basket might be boring. But Wyeth could look at a basket drenched in sunlight and spend weeks painting it! My personal favorite series by Dodd is of the windows looking outside.

If you enjoy looking through imaginary windows and doors like myself please be sure and check out the art of Steve Perrault. He does a great job at creating atmosphere and makes a surreal and mystical place for the viewer to relax. An example by Perrault.


Recently in February the artist had her first career retrospective show at the Portland Museum of Art, it is still ongoing and includes 46 of her original works. She has been painting for six decades! The show is called Lois Dodd, Catching the Light.   Here is a link to a great article about the show:


Price range information:  Sorry! None available.


Keep learning and painting!


Artist of the moment…..Linden Frederick…..

One of my favorite artists working with the urban scene. When I think of the artwork from this artist I am reminded of where I grew up, middle class suburban America. Occasionally Frederick has worked with mobile houses. For the most part he works with oils on linen.

For his collegiate art studies Frederick attended the Ontario College of Art located in Toronto in Canada. He was also able to study abroad at the Academie de Belle Arte located in Florence, Italy. Frederick also attended Houghton College in New York.

First exhibition was in 1989.

A link to Linden Frederick’s own personal website:

Price range information: None available.

Linden Frederick has been featured on the cover of my favorite artist magazine, American Art Collector.

In this clip from Forum Galley who shows the artist’s work, we actually see him at work on one of his classic urban scenes. We also here him speak about his art.

Another artist working with the mobile home theme is John Salt. Salt hails from the United Kingdom and made his push to fame in the 1960s by painting mobile home parks and old time worn vehicles. When I drive by a mobile home park, I ALWAYS think how would Mr. Salt paint this scene. He is considered a photorealist painter and below is a wonderful example of his style.


One of my favorite artists working with the urban scene that I featured before is Robert Kipniss. A master printmaker his works exude the stillness that is found in the early morning hours, I speak with direct knowledge as I used to be a paper boy. Very moody and very subdued works with a fantastic example of his style that plays darks against lights.  The artist also does a wonderful job with trees and foliage, this shows in his lithographs.




I hope you learned some lessons from looking at the works of these masters of traditional Americana scenes. Each does a great job at making the buildings incorporated with the land. I enjoy watching Bob Ross paint, he loves what he does but he has some bad habits of making the trees using basically only one method. Another bad habit is he places houses and cabins in his works that don’t fit in at all to its surroundings. Every edge is very sharp and nothing blends with the foliage.


Try drawing an urban scene, using any material, try to build a sense of quiet and mood by building excitement and tension in your darks.


Artist of the moment…..Jules Olitski….


Jules Olitski was an American painter and sculptor that was born in Snovsk which was located in the old U.S.S.R. in the year 1922. His birth name was Jevel Demikovski and his father was a high ranking Communist Party member. His father was executed by government officials months before the birth of the artist. In 1923 Olitski took off for the United States with his grandmother and mother. The family chose to settle down in Brooklyn and his mother got a new husband in 1926.

As the artist was a teenager he showed an interest and a great skill for drawing.  His parents enrolled the artist in drawing classes and after graduating from high school the artist enrolled in Pratt Institute which is located in Brooklyn. Olitski also studied at the National Academy of Design and the Beaux Arts Institute which are both located in New York city.

Olitski was off to the Army for World War II in the early 1940s. After he got out Olitski got married. He continued to study art and moved to Paris. In Paris the artist found much to inspire him. He even made some paintings while he was blindfolded just to concentrate on the process of painting.

Due to the war Olitski never finished his degree. He went to New York Univeristy earning a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

First one person show in 1951 in Paris, France.

First one person show in New York is in 1958.

1950s bring Olitski and divorce and he remarries. At this time period he experimented with various surface textures.

Was part of teaching faculty at Bennington College located in Bennington, Vermont in the 1960s.

After his experiments with surface texture Olitski started to emphasize color in his works. By the mid 1960s he had evolved to using spray paint on metallic surfaces for his art. He was the first living American artist to have a one person show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. These works have very subtle color changes with no visable edges.

The 1970s he returns to emphasizing texture over color. New technologies brought him more vivid color choices to use with acrylic paints.

His latter works, lets say those made in the last decade of his life, remind me of dreams. You can remember the feeling, but not necessarily the shapes that appear in your dreams. In this regard I consider his landscapes similar to Robert Kipniss. Kipniss is a master printmaker who does a great job in setting mood in his art. Below is an example of Kipniss’ landscape style.


Technologies have brought many changes in the art world. For an artist that does a great job taking advantage of the Golden line of art supplies please check out Josep Cisquella. He uses a medium that is ground pumice stone. It has a texture similar to an old stone wall. He then paints a picture as if you are looking at a wall behind the main subject. Incredible texture and he wants people to TOUCH HIS CANVAS. Below is an example of Cisquella’s style of painting.


Try an abstract painting today to loosen up!

Jules Olitski passed away in 2007 from cancer at the age of eighty four years old.

Artist of the moment…..Landscape painter and printmaker Robert Kipness…..

Sorry I haven’t wrote much the past couple of weeks but I went on a long vacation to a family reunion. I am back and can’t wait to write about all the artists I discovered over my break. Though I took a break from writing, I didn’t take a break from research!


The artist featured at a show opening at Weinstein Gallery in 2009.

The artist and a show that took place in 2006 in New Orleans.

The artist talking about the life of an artist with Park West Gallery.

The artist reminds me of my childhood with his paintings. Growing up in Montana and having spent a fair amount of time looking at trees and watching them blow in the wind the artist is great at capturing life and movement. The limbs and branches of the trees are simple. Many smaller lines are left out just to concentrate on long straight verticals mixed with various triangular shapes. The viewer’s eye is always kept moving about the picture.

And the brushwork that makes up the leafy part of the image is spectacular as well. Quick flicks of the wrist and finger have allowed the artist to build a texture that is similar to an actual tree with clumps appearing at the bottom and more evenly spaced leaves appearing at the top.
The artist is most known for his landscapes that are done in a monochromatic and tonalist style.

Robert Kipniss was born in 1931 in New York City.  He studied at the Art Students League of New York and went to college at the Universtiy of Iowa.

Over his career he has created nearly five hundred lithographs.

The artists goes for walks by himself during twilight or moonlight to gather information for his art. He enjoys painting scenes that are nostalgic, tranquil, and serene. He usually doesn’t include the figure in his artwork.

He is part of over one hundred museum collections.  Major museums showing his work are the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, Los Angeles County Musuem of Art, and the Art Institute of Chicago.

low price range: Small size prints with sides less than 10 inches can be found starting at three hundred dollars.

high price range: Large landscape painted in oils for $13,000.

Most prints go from a range of $1,500 to $10,000.

On line and land based gallery Palette Contemporary Arts and Crafts in Albuquerque, NM. :

Kipniss works in many mediums such as pencil, printmaking, and oils.

For some art homework take a midnight stroll or a late p.m. stroll just as the sun is setting. Do drawing or painting using very simple shapes and quiet to capture the quiet and tranquil moment of the day. Another artist who works in black and white by using ink is artist Mark Reep who can be found here  -

Kipniss is one of few modern artists to use the mezzotint print method.

Its great to be back and happy painting!