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Artist of the moment…..Robert Genn

I have written about this artist before as I am a subscriber to his twice weekly newsletter. This artist has been on line since the 1990s and has had his notes made into books for us to enjoy!

I opened the latest newsletter and Mr. Genn tells us he has pancreatic cancer and around one year to live.

This artist is a national treasure of Canada and one of my favorite Impressionistic painters who works just as well with acrylics as with oils.

Robert Genn was born in 1936.

Please make sure and check out his website and his newsletter is free and comes twice a week.  Since has only one year left or so I am not for sure how long he will continue to write:

In this great video from Robert Genn he talks about the privilege of being an artist:

I wish Robert Genn all the best and hope some luck comes his way and he may paint his way to 100 years of age.


Awesome Acrylic Artist series…..Robert Genn

This artist has my favorite newsletter that comes two times per week. I consider him to be a national treasure of Canada’s art world.  His newsletter is very informative and gives information on how to improve your art skills as well as selling pointers.  He and a  small staff will make sure you get his twice weekly note.  He counts around 135,000 artists as subscribers, it is free!

A link to artist’s website.

Online gallery list here. The artist is older and a prolific painter so he has a huge body of work. Many galleries representing this artist are on this page.

Low price range: $2,000 Canadian Dollars

High price range: $15,000 Canadian Dollars

mediums used: The artist used to work in oils, but in the last newsletter I received 2 days ago he quit as he thought he might be inhaling toxic fumes with oils, so he only uses acrylics.

surfaces used: canvas

He was born in Canada in 1936.

If you like this artist I recommend viewing the art of Len Chmiel, who paints fantastic landscapes with an emphasis on fun colors and shapes.

A member of Board of Directors at Emily College of Art and Design.The artist has also written 3 books. One book listed in the gallery above titled “Painters Keys” costs only $7 on Well worth the price for all of his advice.

Below a clip featuring the artist doing work on a painting and his thoughts about it.

A collection of some of his paintings.

Time lapse video of the artist working on a nude.


The artist is also in many private and public collections. I enjoy the artist”s subject matter, keen color sense, and most important his willingness to share his knowledge with other artists.  The ideal icon for for an artist looking to grow their skill level and selling abilities.

Happy painting!