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Artist of the moment…..Rick Fleury….Painter of Cape Cod…

Like the previous artist, Leon Dabo, this artist does very well creating space and depth on his smaller works. Many of the works above are oils on copper and the sizes are 5 by 7 inches.

The artist was born in 1960.

A clip with the artist talking about his paintings.

The artist is well known for his paintings of the Cape Cod area. He has worked in watercolor, acrylics, and oils. He is most known for his oil paintings.

If someone asks me the name of a great artist who has smaller works priced less than one thousand dollars, you can’t find much better original art than his paintings of the East Coast.

The artist attended University of Colorado at Boulder. Before his career as a fine artist began he worked in advertising and journalism fields.

A link for the artist’s website:

Has appeared in many national art magazines including American Art Collector.

Part of museum collections including the Cape Cod Museum of Art and Provincetown Museum of Art. Part of corporate collections Ritz-Carlton, John Hancock Financial services, and the Bessemer Trust Company.

The artist lives and works in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He just opened his own gallery in the city.

Rick Fleury artist statement: I strive to portray the landscape in its purest form. I am drawn to an essence of a moment’s beauty. The rare light as it moves across a meadow, the shadows and reflections it leaves behind. The subtle variations of color it leaves behind. The subtle variations of color as they change with the seasons and time of day. The movement of grasses, water, and sand. The solitude of the low tide.

The artist is a master at composition. And I would say he surely captures the movement of the coastal clouds and movement of water. With such superb composition the artist can take a visual space no larger than a postcard and make it seem very large. The greys of the skies, the blues of the waters, and the yellow ochre color of the sand are all blended together for a wonderful harmonious picture.  From his statement that he is looking for solitude of the low tide, I find a tremendous amount of peace and quiet in all of this coastal works.

Fleury was also admitted to the Copley Society of Art in 2007.  The oldest art foundation in the United States formed in Boston in 1878.

Try something new today!  A coastal painting done on copper like this artist, or perhaps a metallic surface like the artist Michael Fitts uses. Use the metal as a background color and allow it to show thru in certain spots.

Happy painting!