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We remember the artist………Rex Ray

Its with great sadness that I pass along the news that Rex Ray has passed away. Rex Ray has been featured here before, he was a very inspiring artist for me who was not only a great artist but also a great businessman. His artwork was a fantastic mix of color, painting, and collage.

If you are in the Denver area be sure and visit the Vance Kirkland Museum to see one of Rex Ray’s works.

Rex Ray was 58 years old. He died after a five year battle with lymphoma.

Below a wonderful montage of works by the incredible Rex Ray:


Artist of the moment………Alastair Morton



Alastair Morton was a British artist renown for his abstract paintings. Alastair Morton was born in the year 1910.

Morton attended Edinburgh University in Scotland. Morton also studied at Balliol College located in Oxford, England.

Morton’s family owned a textile company called Edinburgh Weavers. Morton moved into a position of product design at this company in the early 1930s. Morton worked with other notable artists including Barbara Hepworth. Morton began to paint himself in the middle of the 1930s.

Alastair Morton passed away in 1963.

Morton is part of the collection of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

Price range information: Morton worked in oils, watercolors, gouache, and ink. Prices range from $5,000 to $60,000.

Alastair Morton reminds me of contemporary artist Rex Ray for his innovative design of shapes and his combinations of color. Very modern!


Artist of the moment……..Antonio Llorens

Antonio Llorens was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in the year 1920 and was among the foremost painters of Latin America working in an Abstract style. For his artistic education Llorens attended the Circulo de Bellas Artes located in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Llorens went on to found his own group of Abstract artists of Uruguay.

The artist was also an avid painter of murals completing many public and private works over his lengthy career.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Antonio Llorens passed away in 1995.

Llorens had a great sense of color but what I appreciate most is his sense of design. He uses shapes we are all familiar with, yet always seems to include some organic shapes to keep the viewers eye interested.

Though it isn’t Op Art, it definitely has some Op Art characteristics as his works often seem to be in motion. His choice of colors used always enhance his bold shapes. Very elegant abstract art that if I were to compare to a modern artist, I would Llorens reminds me of Rex Ray.


Artist of the moment….Jerald Ieans

Jerald Ieans is a wonderful American artist born in Waukegan, Illinois in the year 1970. Ieans is known for his layering of free flowing shapes on top of each other.

Works with oils.

The movement  that most influenced Jerald Ieans was the Color Field movement.

His shapes remind me most of the very successful artist and businessman Rex Ray. Below a work of Rex Ray’s that shows how he works with the same biomorphic shapes.


price range information: Works range $2,000 to $10,000.

Sorry, no more information on this artist!


Artist of the moment….Charles Arnoldi…

Charles Arnoldi hails from California and is a painter and sculptor best  known for his  abstract works. Charles Arnoldi was born in Dayton, Ohio in 1946. Arnoldi is now based out of Los Angeles, California.

Arnoldi came onto the national scene in the 1970s with his wooden sculptures.

Price range information: Works done in acrylics range $4,000 to $60,000. Prints range $1,500 to $7,500. No pricing available for sculpture works.

Below a brief interview with Arnoldi before at an exhibition. A great clip as the artist talks about why he painted the highly finished works and then his looser less finished works.

Arnoldi was inspired to paint by viewing some works by two abstract masters in Jackson Pollack and Willem de Kooning.

For his collegiate studies the artist enrolled briefly at a junior college in California and also the Chouinard Institute in Los Angeles. The artist disliked the strict and formal classroom setting and decided to learn via “on the job” training after less than 2 years of schooling.

A link for the artist’s own website:

When looking at the works of Charles Arnoldi I am reminded of Rex Ray. I find both use some similar abstract shapes in their works alongside bold color. Also both use wood textures. Rex Ray is a contemporary artist from California that also has a huge stamp in the home furnishings arena designing things such as rugs and carpets along with his prints and original works of art. Ray enjoys including wood texture in many of his works. Below a signature example of his Rex Ray’s style. Notice the wooden textured background.


Another artist that jumps to mind would be any  of the painters of the Pattern and Decoration Movement that was very popular in the States from 1975 to 1985. The main artist I am reminded of in this group is Valerie Jaudon. The artist was born in 1945 and is a huge success in the art world best non for non objective style of painting. She has been awarded many prestigious public commissions. For me her work with the small shape motif is very similar to the design used by Charles Arnoldi when he makes his paintings or wall reliefs that include many twigs and small branches. Below are some examples of Valerie Jaudon’s geometric and abstract working style.


Artist of the moment….Sir Terry Frost…Anthony Frost….Lucas Frost….

Terry Frost was born in Britain in the year 1915. He was best known for his brightly colored abstract works. Frost served his country in the second world war. He was captured and was a prisoner of war. Whilst in prison he met a fellow captive named Adrian Heath. Heath went on to become a famous abstract artist as well. Below is an example of his Adrian’s Heath’s artistic style. Its easy to see the influence the teacher had on his pupil.


Below is a clip showing some artwork of Sir Terry Frost at the Tate Modern Musuem of Art in London, England.

When I saw this image below I figured it was a Rex Ray collage and acrylic piece. Ray is my favorite contemporary artist who concentrates on shape and color. If you are in Denver you may see a work of his at the Vance Kirkland Museum. He uses a mixture of paint, collage, and usually seals his work with resin. Very modern feel to his artwork. Here is a Sir Terry Frost painting.


And a photograph of Sir Terry Frost.


And below is wonderful example of Rex Ray’s bright and colorful style. His use of colors and shapes always make me feel relaxed and happy!


Both artists even have a similar palette of colors!  What wonderful abstract works by both artists! Color,shape, and texture give the viewers eye so much to take in.

Since Sir Terry Frost also worked with stained glass and that reminds me of John LaFarge. LaFarge was a wonderful American Impressionist that worked in watercolors and oils and also conquered the medium of stained glass. My favorite stained glass works by the artist are usually floral works, but I love the abstraction and color of this peacock so its my favorite of LaFarge’s stained glass works.


And Terry Pauls work is very modern and this one is titled THE QUAY. For me I can see a female figure in the piece.


Terry Frost passed away in 2003 at the age of 88 years old.

Price range information:  The artist was very prolific and worked in many mediums. Lithographs range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Oils range from $2,000 to $20,000. Collage works range from $2,000 to $10,000. Watercolor and gouache pieces range $1,000 to $5,000.

Frost was elected a Royal Academician in 1992.

He was given knighthood in 2000.

I enjoy his work for the happy, bold, and bright colors used by the artist.

Save the best facts for last! We have another multi generation artistic family! The artist got married in 1945 and had five kids. Two went on to become professional artists. Below is a work by Anthony Frost (born in 1951.)


The other son who became an artist is named Luke. In this clip we see a picture by his father Terry at 1:43 into the clip. At 5:28 into the clip we meet Terry’s son Luke who is an artist in residence. Very artistic family who all have a bright color palette with simple organic and geometric shapes.

And an example of Luke Frost’s work.


Julio Le Parc number 2…

in the Awesome Acrylic Artist series I wrote about Julio Le Parc, in the photographs I mistakenly included another artist’s work and wanted to mention her work as well. So this will be a quick post on art and home decorating.

The artist who I mistook for Julio Le Parc is Anita Muise . See her blog at this address.         This artist brings to mind some of the Op Art movement artists such as Bridgette Riley and Victor Vasarely. Bold color and fun repeating shapes that keep the viewers eye moving.  She sells many mediums dealing with art such as collages, jewelry, quilts, and beads . Below are samples of some work by Anita and her gallery is located in Wakefield, New Hampshire.

Rex Ray is an artist who uses very keen shapes and color to make outstanding collages as well as abstract paintings. If you are in Denver please visit the Vance Kirkland Museum where you can see some of his work just before entering the lower level.  I first became aware of the artist by his appearances in several art magazines, but one day I was looking thru a home decorating magazine and here was this artist’s work and I recognized it immediately. His work is the foundation of carpets and rugs.

Below is the address to see some of Rex Ray’s art that has been made into wearable art such as scarves and carpets.

Short clip showing some of the artist’s carpets and rugs.

Rex Ray sells originals of his works as well. His work appears far better in person than in any magazine.

Another fantastic artist who has impressed me with her wide variety of mediums is Amelia Caruso. I first became aware of her art by a neat program in Colorado that gives jobs to artists to design industrial utility covers with fun designs.  She uses many circles combined with fun color combinations.  The artist just recently negotiated a deal for the use of her art on fabrics.

Think about all the objects you use in daily life that have some form of art. The possibilities are endless. Bath towels, beach towels, sweaters(its cold today!), collector plates, oven mitts, coffee mugs the list never stops. Find a genre or something you love to paint and could paint relentlessly for months at a time and go for it.

The artist loves working with circles and colors.  A short clip showing the artist at work in the out of doors.

Here is a link to a page showing her recently released fabric patterns. Her circles are all hand painted with only a paintbrush. She also sells her original paintings.     

Hope these three artists give you some inspiration to think about your design skills and using them on something besides canvas or panel.