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Artist of the moment……..Cheri Samba

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Cheri Samba is a world renown artist born in Kinto M’Vuila in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1956. He was one of ten children. His father was a blacksmith and mother a farmer.

Entered the art world as a sign painter. Also a comic illustrator. From these works he learned to insert text in his art. For his text he uses a local dialect of Lingala. He also uses the French language.

Part of a documentary on life in the city of Kinshasha in the Congo made in 1982.

Held in the collection of the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris. This was the sight of his first breakthrough show in 1989. Also held in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York city.

Part of 52 Venice Biennale.

In this clip we hear from Samba himself talking about illustrating the city of Paris. He talks about using far more color than existed during his stays in Paris: