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Artist of the moment….Jeff Faust….

Jeff Faust is a self taught painter who paints wonderful leaves and skies. Jeff Faust was born in Sandy Hook, Connecticut in the year 1952 and was one of four children in the household. In addition he was the only male child.

The Faust family enjoyed the arts and they were quite active in the theater scene in New York city. The family enjoyed many of the creative forms of art. The family moved from New York to California when the artist was only five years old.

Faust is basically self taught. Though my argument is that all artists,especially realist painters, spend so much time analyzing other painters and copying works. For me all realist painters are self taught, but those who attend a premier school such as Yale get to their end goals quicker due to a more structured learning environment. But as a realist, you are self taught!

Before the artist was even ten years old he was studying his favorite master painters such as Rene Magritte and Salvadore Dali. Both were Surrealist painters I have written about in the past.

He works mainly in acrylics with a Surrealist style. I first saw his work in American Art Collector magazine and the painting was of a bird that had no feathers but had leaves instead. Very lifelike style of realism.


Another great genre explored by Faust is the bird’s nest. I am working on a list of my favorite painters of the bird’s nest as a common theme that can be interpreted many ways. Faust also paints wonderful seascapes.

His artwork is Surreal in nature and includes objects and subjects that are seen in unusual combinations. A cloud with a rope wrapped around it. I really enjoy this form of heightened Surrealist work that feels real. Similar to the wonderful sculpture about the Lalanne family I just made of the lips appearing in the apple. The viewer knows in his or her mind that such an apple doesn’t exist, but there it is in three dimensions. What outstanding creativity in the idea and execution of technique with the spectacular end result.

The artist goes on daily nature walks collecting the smaller items such as sticks and twigs found in many of works.

Here is a clip showing many works of Faust set to music. The beginning has some Russian words and then the paintings start 14 seconds into the clip.

A link to the artist’s own website:

As a business major myself I give Kudos to artists who are not only gifted with art talent, but master’s of the business of art. Not only does Faust sell his original works, but limited edition prints can be found through this link ranging from $400 to $2,300. An excellent way to attract more buyers who might be scared away by the cost of an original.

As the artist calls himself self taught and I mentioned Magritte and Dali, another artist deeply respected by the artist was the Spanish artist Joan Miro. An example of Miro’s work is below.


Keep an eye out for this wonderful artist in American Art Collector. He is included in many corporate collections in the United States, Europe, and Japan.


Artist of the moment….Rene Magritte….

Rene Magritte was born in Belgium in the year 1898. He went on to become a master at Surrealist painting. I am sure you are familiar with some of his images even if you didn’t know he was the artist. Most everyone has seen the image with a man in a suit who has a green apple as a substitute for a face.

Magritte’s father was a tailor. His mother took her own life when Magritte was a young teen. His mother fought depression her adult life and tried on many occasions to take her own life. For a brief period his father even locked her in her own room. This is supposedly the idea behind a theme of a woman appearing wrapped or draped in a cloth. When her body was found the face was slightly covered by her dress.

Magritte began taking drawing lessons at the age of twelve.

He would join the armed forces, get married, have an exhibition that received awful reviews, and then relocate to Paris where he became involved in the Surrealist style of painting.

He worked in the advertising industry for others and then with his own firm he set up with his brother.

He had two successful exhibitions in the States in the 1930s.

Whilst starting off his young career he lived rent free at the house of James Edwards. Edwards was a well known Surrealist painter.

He was most popular during the 1960s in the art world.


Matisse passed away in 1967 at the age of 68 from pancreatic cancer. He was living in Brussels, Belgium at the time.

Here we see a wonderful collection of artworks by Magritte set to music.

If you enjoy this artist be sure and check out some other Surrealist painters I have profiled such a Salvador Dali, who was obsessed with painting time and clocks. He did many drawings, paintings, and sculptures with this as his theme. The Surrealist painters are all incredible draughtsman as you must be to incorporate items that aren’t usually seen side by side.

Here we have a clip from the series of Andy Warhol screen tests featuring Salvador Dali, I wanted to make sure you remembered his face and his flamboyant personality.

And an example of one of his signature time paintings.


Other than Dali my other favorite Surrealist painter is Hughie Lee Smith. Smith was one of few African-American artists working in the genre. I enjoy looking at his works because like Magritte and Dali they explore the universal themes such as the passage of time. Below is a fantastic example of Hughie Lee Smith’s style of Surrealist painting.


I was able to find a piece dealing with time made by Magritte. Its titled Time Tranfixed.





Price range information: Lithographs range from $3,ooo to $20,000. Etchings range from $1500 to $5,000 for most works. Watercolors start at $2,000. Bronzes range from $5,000 to $10,000.

One last thing to remember about the Surrealist artists, is that Dali has the coolest house I have ever seen! Here is a clip about it.