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Happy Halloween 2014…………………

Happy Halloween everyone! Let’s take a look at some art celebrating this time of year!

First up we have some wonderful works by Jamie Wyeth.

And below two works by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama:


This fine example of a pumpkin patch by artist Jess:


This work of pumpkin pie’s made by Wayne Thiebaud:


And here a work by Andy Warhol:


And this work by M.C. Escher:



Pumpkin carving has sure evolved since I was a young boy. In this clip we check out my favorite pumpkin caring artist Ray Villafane. This artist has been on many shows displaying his talents I first saw him on Martha Stewart. Here we view his appearance on the CBS Morning Show:

To close we take a closer look at Damien Hirst’s skull that is covered in diamonds:

Happy Halloween everyone!


Artist of the moment……My pumpkin!!!!


halloween halloween1



A big shout out to Roy Villafane and his online tutorials for helping to get the carving right. Pumpkin was very soft in some parts so I decided to paint it!

Mine is on the left and a pumpkin by my dad  on  the left!

Hello to all the spirits! and of course Vincent Price!