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Artist of the moment……Cliff Fragua

Cliff Fragua is a Native American artist born in Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico. For his artistic education Fragua attended the Institute of American Indian Arts where he studied sculpting. Fragua then attended the San Francisco Institute of Art. Fragua also studied stone sculpture abroad in Italy.

Fragua works with alabaster as a first medium but also works with stone and bronze.

In this clip Cliff Fragua talks about developing his style whilst at art school. Many samples of his work are shown:

The National Statuary Hall is a room in the United States Capital Buildings that is wholly dedicated to the art of capturing important American figures with the art of sculpture. Cliff Fragua is the Native American artist included in this collection.

A link to the website of Cliff Fragua:

In this last clip the artist talks about preparing and installing a very large sculpture:


Artist of the moment…..Roxanne Swentzell

Roxanne Swentzell is wonderful artist who specializes in making wonderful faces in ceramics. Roxanne Swentzell was born in Taos, New Mexico in the year 1962. She is a very famous regional and international artist who is based out of Santa Clara,

Her family was very artistic and she watched her mother make clay pots from a very young age.

Swentzell also took great pride in home schooling her two children and some other neighborhood kids. One child is a visual artist and the other a ceremonial tribal dancer and professional singer.

A link to the website of Roxanne Swentzell:

The artist had an exhibition in 2011 at  the Denver Art Museum that included a work titled the ” Mud Woman.”  In this clip we examine this work:

When she was a child she had speech problems, causing her to focus more on making art. As she had trouble expressing herself with words, she was able to find her calling in art and express herself via clay. As the saying goes the sound of a door closing, not being able to speak for example, is the sound of another door opening. Perfecting her artistic skills with clay.

For her artistic education she attended the Institute of American Indian Arts located in Taos, New Mexico. Swentzell went on to attend the Portland Museum of Art School.

In this clip a series titled Emergence of the Clowns:

Has been included in exhibitions at the White House, the Denver Art Museum, and the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.

In this clip we view some amazing portraits made by Swentzell:

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