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Artist movie of the moment…..A.I. WeiWei…Dissident…

I went to the second showing of the day and although only two other people were in attendance, I thought the movie explained what I wanted it to. That A.I. was more of a movement now than just  a person or an artist.

Here is the official preview of the movie.

We find out that the artist had a child with a friend and not his wife. He just explains to us that is what happened. He then shares with us that he visits the child daily.

Another great treat is that we can view the artist when he IS NOT preparing for an interview or a camera. He was just being himself. The artist seemed to be eating something all the time. He appears always happy and tells us he is mainly an optimistic person.

We get to see how the government always has some people watching his next move. From the cameras the government installed in his private personal compound, to the plain clothes police he sees assigned to watch him for the day. The artist’s father was also put under survaillance for being anti-party long ago. His father was sent to prison but became more famous in China and eventually world wide for his poetry.

Another recent incident occured in 2008 for the Beijing Olympics. Ai Weiwei was the master architect and designer of the Birds Nest. After the party displaced nearly one million Chinese to make way for tourists and Olympic travellers Weiwei was so mad he refused to attend the games.

Also in 2008 a devastating earthquake hit in a province in China called Sichuan. This earthquake killed close to 70,000 people. Ai made a very large complaint that so many children would not have died had the school been built properly. The Communist Party was very upset at the poor publicity. The government refused to name how many kids had died.  That was a great start for Ai Weiwei who got some volunteers working on the project.  The volunteers did interviews with survivors and Weiwei was able to come up with a reasonable of children that had died. It embarrassed the Party and they wanted revenge on Weiwei.
Weiwei found more than five thousand names and published them on a wall in his office and publishing the list on line. Soon after Weiwei was forced to close his blog and the government set up cameras outside of his house.

This is a great movie if you like to see what is behind the artist’s work. It documents his life and struggles for freedom perfectly!