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Artist of the moment……..Bill Plympton


Bill Plympton is among the best and most successful animators on the planet. In some animated movies Plympton drew all of the frames himself, one of few artists to do  this huge task.

Plympton was born in Portland, Oregon in the year 1946. The artist attended Portland State College before transferring to the School of Visual Arts located in New York City.

The artist has been nominated for Emmy and Oscar awards.


Here we view a short animated movie style that has become the artist’s trademark. A man imagines what could be in his pool:

To finance his longer movies Plympton will create a comic book version he sells first.

What I enjoy most about this artist is his attitude. I was reading a book about Plympton recently and he stated he turned down the opportunity to work for Walt Disney. Disney sent an expensive lawyer to tell Plympton he would be paid one million dollars for his services. Plympton turned this opportunity down be, cause he wanted the freedom to create as much as he wanted. If he would have signed with Disney, the Disney Corporation would own everything he created.

I found this fascinating because I also recently saw an interview with Stan Lee and he was asked if he was mad about not owning character rights for his characters he had created. Stan Lee said no he wasn’t mad, that was the terms of the contract.

Below a wonderful interview with Bill Plympton talking about his very successful animation career:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Here we view a wonderful short that explains how Belly Button lint occurs:

And last we view a work featuring musician Kanye West. What a great job Mr. Plympton did on the caricature. Plympton often draws himself in funny situations!: