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Street artists…..Dolk and Pobel

These first pictures are all by the artist Dolk.




In this clip view works by two world renown street , artists hailing from Norway, Dolk and another artist named Pobel. Both have done public commission works in railway stations located in Norway. A novel idea to use artists to improve public spaces!

Here is an original stencil on canvas by Pobel.
This clip features the art of Pobel.

For Pobel his originals range from $4,000 to $8,000.

As for Pobel, his real name and birthdate is not known. Best known for his humor works found mainly in Norway. Helped organize a street fair featuring many internationally renown street artists to help fundraise for a city hit bad by recession. Based out of Stavanger, Norway.

Dolk, Lundgren is the name for an up and coming street artist hailing from Norway. Dolk was born in Bergen, Norway in the year 1979. When works from this artist started appearing on the street people thought it was just the more humorous side of famous U.K. street legend Banksy. Here is a work by Banksy.

Since both have a similar manner of expression, for me this is great modern Pop Art, modern imagery with clever words, a great mixture. Dolk went to college for graphic design and mechanics. Dolk found inspiration from Banksy. He began in his hometown of Bergen in 2003. He has sprayed his art on the walls of Oslo, Barcerlona, Lisbon, Stockholm, and of course London. It was in London where people thought it was Banksy, the humorous side! A great work from this series is a portrait of Prince Charles and the Burger King!

In 2008 he collaborated with Pobel to introduce urban art to new audiences. The duo did stencil themes for 20 abandoned houses. In 2010 the government commissioned the duo to decorate a new railway station.

Dolks own website link:

If you enjoy this artist be sure and check out Shepard Fairey as well. Its great to see the “street artists” doing so well!