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Artist of the moment…….John Salt


John Salt is an English painter renown for his photorealist style of painting. John Salt was born in Birmingham, England in the year 1937.

The artist often paints old and sometimes abandoned vehicles and R.V. parks.

Salt began studies at the Birmingham School of Art when only 15 years of age. Salt studied at Birmingham for six years before transferring to the Slade School of Art located in London, England. Salt went on to earn a M.F.A.  from the University of Maryland located in the United States.

Salt was most popular during the 1960s and 1970s. The artist would use an airbrush to render many of these exquisite works. In the 1980s he started to use casein rather than acrylic paint.

Price range information: Works range from $5,000 for a print to $200,000 for an original in oils. He also painted in watercolors, casein, and acrylics.

What I enjoy most about this artist is his subject matter. Having driving by many R.V. parks over my life, it wasn’t until seeing John Salt’s paintings that I began to look at them from an artistic point of view.



Artist of the moment………Jeffrey Smart


Jeffrey Smart was an Australian artist renown for his photorealist paintings. Jeff Smart was born in Adelaide, Australia in the year 1921.

Smart was well schooled and first studied at the collegiate level at the Adelaide Teacher’s College and the South Australian School of Arts and Crafts. Smart attended the La Grande Chaumiere located in Paris, France. Smart also studied with famed Modernist and Cubist painter Fernand Leger.

At the beginning of his career Smart worked as a drawing instructor and art critic.

Smart spent much of life based out of an area located about one hour from Tuscany,  Italy.

The artist retired in 2011. Smart influenced many Australian painters of today’s modernist painters.

In many of his works there is only one solitary figure. This helps to give the viewer a sense of scale in his work and also a wonderful element to the design. In many works the artist has included a self portrait.

Jeff Smart passed away in 2013.

A short biography and montage of works by Jeffrey Smart:

Price range information: Works range from $10,000 for a print up to $1 million dollars for an original oil painting. The artist also worked in gouache and watercolors.





Artist of the moment……Rod Penner

Rod Penner was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in the year 1965. Penner paints in photo realistic manner depicting small America. The artist has awesome composition skills, many works are very small measuring 6 inches by 6 inches. I am still amazed at how much detail Penner can put into such a small work. Some works this size even have legible graffiti! Truly amazing.

For his artistic education Penner began school in Canada at Kwantlen College. The artist finished his B.F.A.  degree at O.R.U. University.

Penner paints with acrylics.

Penner is now based out of Marble, Texas. A small town with a population around 5,000.

In this clip we visit a show featuring the wonderful urbanscapes of Rod Penner that took place in 2013:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

If you enjoy these great landscapes be sure and check out my post on Matthew Cornell. Cornell paints a variety of subjects well including water, but his very small urbanscapes are my favorite. Many times Cornell paints these very small works with fading light either at dusk or dawn giving the works a remarkable sense of atmosphere.


Artist of the moment…….Charles Ford

Charles Ford is a photorealist painter born in Dallas, Texas in the year 1941.

For his collegiate education Ford attended Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas where he earned a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering.

He works mainly in acrylics.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Other  great artists working in this genre is Richard Estes and Raphaella Spence.

Sorry not to write as much the past couple of days, my computer has been under siege from a virus and it takes much longer to gather information than normal! I had to finish this post at work as I am unable to upload any images from my home computer. I have still been doing my daily art research, due to technology issues I am just unable to post much.

Thanks for reading!


Artist of the moment…….Mike Francis……

This artist hails from the United Kingdom and was born in 1938 in London, England.

The artist is best known for his paintings combining the female figure with water.

A brief clip showing works from Mike Francis  from the Plus One Gallery located in London, England. The artist sells work via this gallery.

The artist lived in New York City and started his art career as an illustrator based out of Soho and Hatton Garden.  He is also the most clever artist when it comes to naming his paintings, giving the viewer a good laugh or making them think about what he is trying to portray in a certain work of art. For me the artist is far different than the many photorealists working out of London, its his use of color.  His reflection of summer sun off of a swimming pool takes the viewer the smells of summer, chlorine and sun tan lotion!

For his education attended the  St. Martins and Central School of Art in London, England.

Online and Land Based gallery: Plus One gallery London, England.

Mediums used: Watercolour, Acrylic, and Oils.

High price range:  Oil for $8,000.  Acrylics for $3,200

Low price range:  Oil for $300 in 2011 at auction. Acrylics from $1,500.

If you enjoy this artist check out the artist Hilo Chen. He also paints women on the beach with few clothes, but he adds droplets of water to them giving the figure a wonderful sense of life and the work an awesome sense of depth.

First one man show for Mike Francis took place in 1960 at the Furneux Gallery located in London, England.

In 1972 won a very prestigious award, the National Gallery of London’s 150th Anniversary Award.

A link for the artist’s own website ( much more info here on the artist! ) :

After visiting the website I found that when you view his work, he wants the viewer to slow down and take it all in. If you look closely you will be surprised at something in the painting. I enjoy most his point of view. Similar to Raphaella Spence or Stephen Wiltshire whom both travel in helicopters to find the composition. This gives them very unique views of cities that have been painted a million times like New York or Venice.

As most artist he started loving to create art at an early age, he remembers drawing all the time as a six year old. No matter if he is sick, too lazy, or too busy he makes sure to put in some easel time every day. He has finished over 500 paintings over the years.

Try a pool painting today!


Artist of the moment….Clive Head…

This photorealist painter comes from London, England. He is best known for his portrayal of wide city streets and urban scenes. His compositions remind the viewer the French Artist Gustave Cailleboit.

A clip of the artist helping a student decipher what elements to use from a photograph.

A short clip coming again from the College of Cyprus, with Dr. Michael Paraskos talking about Clive Head and a short montage of the artist’s works. At just past three minutes time into the clip the Doctor begins to talk about comparing Clive Head’s ideas of art with the Western idea of painting.

The artist was born in Maidstone, England in 1965.  From a very young age he was interested and very talented at producing art. At the tender age of eleven years old he was a member of the Reeds Art Club. The club focused on art and was organized by members at his father’s factory.

Attended college at Aberystwyth University where he studied under an abstract painter named David Tinker. In college he met Steven Whitehead, a contemporary artist working mainly with realism. After college he began showing his art with the dealer Nicholas Treadwell.

In 1994 he joined the faculty at York College founding and becoming Chair of Fine Arts Department for the campus located in Scarborough. Also taught at the University of Hull.

In 1999 the artist decided to leave the teaching world behind and found representation by two well known art galleries.

In 2005 he won a prestigious commission from the Museum of London. He was to paint Buckingham Palace to prepare for the queens upcoming Golden Jubilee. Also in 2005 the artist developed a neurological disease. In the end it took five years to fully diagnose his disease, Dopa-Responsive Dystonia. He struggled on continuing to paint, but in a much larger scale.

Has exhibited at the National Gallery in London, England.

As far as style is concerned, the artist is part of the movement he calls the New Aesthetic. The movement specializes in the material and physical process of making art. When working on a landscape he first visits the location and makes many sketches from many different points of view. He then gathers the information, but not piece for piece. He edits the work and alters it to best suit his needs in making a stunning visual panoramic view. The artist might use only sixty percent of what can be seen by the eye at any given moment, the main concern is making a great work of art.

I enjoy most these views of the landscape which seem to stretch out miles and miles and make the canvases appear very large. Another artist who worked in a similar manner would be Rackstraw Downes.

The artist is very unique in his thoughts on drawing and painting and his New Aesthetics method. He doesn’t believe you should copy exactly from a photograph, the artist doesn’t like the basic idea of vanishing points.  All lines of perspective meet here, he believes in vanishing zones. If you look at the works of Rackstraw Downes and Clive Head it seems both use this method to get the spectacular spacial depth in each of their works.

Some cities he has painted include his favourite London, Paris, Prague, Moscow and Rome.

High range price: 160,000 Great British Pounds. More than 200,000 U.S. dollars.

low price range: Unable to find out much about the average price range.

On line and land based gallery: Marlborough Fine Art in London, England.

Create a spacious landscape today!

In addition I wanted to mention the U.K. artist Steven Wiltshire. A wonderful young artist who is autistic. He flies above the cities in a helicopter than comes down to earth to produce his very large works mainly from memory. Raphaella Spence is another English artist who recently had some wonderful paintings of Las Vegas taken from a helicopter’s view point.


Artist of the moment…..Robert Gniewek

Considered part of the second wave or generation of photo realist painters. He concentrates on classic “Americana ” images such as cafes, roadside diners, and motels. Also has done a series on small town theaters, not the chain theaters you would see showing Harry Potter, but older smaller theaters specializing in Independent movies.

He also loves gas stations, the kind you might see in Mayberry. In this reguard he reminds me of Ed Ruscha, and his famous gas station painting.

One of many photorealist painters included in a book by gallery owner Louis K. Meisel who also represents the artist. The website for the gallery is:

This artist is great with color, similar in technique to Robert Cottingham. Cottingham is a master at painting letters and words as artforms. Both artists enjoy mixing warm and cool light sources. Natural sunlight for a cool light and neon light for a warm light source.

Although people might say it just looks like a photograph, the artist is a master at painting the reflections of light that you might see in a window. His diners hav a warm light glow that makes them look very inviting, as if in a time capsule. The mixture of warm and cool light sources on the neon signs gives the picture an added depth to go along with a very unique design.

The artist was born in 1951 in Detroit, Michigan.

The artist attended college in Detroit, Michigan studying at Wayne State University for both his bachelor and masters degrees in art.

High range price: $20,000

Low range price: $2,ooo

Try painting a hot dog stand, or small to go coffee stand, or newspaper stand. Try to nail the atmosphere and essence of the moment!

Happy painting!